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St. Catherine's academic experience seamlessly integrates collaboration with rigorous, independent work to equip students with the essential skills needed for college and future endeavors. This approach ensures that students develop both teamwork abilities and self-reliance, while also providing opportunities to explore and discover their passions. By fostering a supportive and challenging environment, St. Catherine's helps students identify and cultivate their interests, preparing them comprehensively for their academic and professional pursuits.

St. Catherine's Curriculum

Areas of Study

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  • English/Language Arts


    Because literature has the power to transform, challenge, and inspire, the English and Language Arts Department seeks to cultivate a student's understanding of and appreciation for the written and spoken word.

    At each grade level, the program builds on reading, vocabulary and grammar skills; promotes analytical, creative, and critical thinking; introduces diverse voices and experiences through literary selections; presents the conventions of various literary genres; and provides writing opportunities in various modes to promote mastery. Furthermore, the curriculum is designed to offer students experiential learning opportunities and projects that require advanced research. These skills will prepare our graduates to become life-long readers and thinkers who will be able to engage in meaningful and empathetic interactions with others and to communicate their ideas effectively.

    The English department maintains all-girl classes through junior year to promote developmentally appropriate expectations for reading, discussion, and writing. However, to prepare students for college and beyond, the seniors choose among coordinated English electives at both St. Catherine’s and St. Christopher’s.
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  • History

    The mission of the History Department is to enable students to analyze historical events to better prepare them to understand today’s complex society. We use our expertise as educators to provide students with a wide array of age-appropriate sources that encourage them to explore multiple perspectives and engage in analytical conversations. 

    To prepare our students to be future leaders, we align our curriculum with the mission and core values of St. Catherine’s School and the Episcopal Church. We engage honestly with the full historical record to nurture independent thinkers who are able to develop their opinions using evidence-based research and express their diverse thoughts in a confident and respectful manner. 
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  • Mathematics


    Students must have a strong foundation in mathematics to meet the challenges of the 21st century.  The mathematics curriculum employs problem-based learning and is designed to provide a high level of challenge as well as support for all students, regardless of ability, to develop their maximum potential. Through girl-centered strategies, personalized instruction, and innovative use of technology, the mathematics faculty supports students as they develop into numerate, analytical problem solvers. 
    Early Learners through Twelfth Grade girls work collaboratively to develop mathematical thinking skills such as independent and creative thinking, resiliency, and the ability to adapt to new challenges. As students progress through the school divisions, they continuously evolve from concrete to abstract thinkers. Classes are girls-only through Precalculus to provide students the opportunity to develop confidence and subject mastery that will support them in future coeducational and college classes. 
    These collective skills will support our students as they develop into lifelong learners and pursue their passions and interests. 
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  • Science


    The Science Department curriculum is informed by research and best practices for teaching girls. It intentionally builds on a girl’s innate inquisitiveness and creativity using teaching methods that promote innovation and focus on experiential and collaborative learning.  Beginning in Lower School, girls are introduced to basic principles of science using an inquiry-based approach, which promotes a love of science at an early age. During these early years, they also begin to explore technology, design-thinking, and engineering.  As our students progress through Middle and Upper School they are challenged to experiment, to analyze data, and to think critically as concepts become more abstract.  Mathematics, as a tool of scientists, becomes a more significant aspect of the curriculum.  Opportunities such as robotics, independent research, and intensive studies allow our students to explore their interests more deeply.  Ultimately the goal of the Science curriculum is to provide our students with not only the foundation to continue in science as a career, but to provide all girls with the knowledge and commitment to be respectful, appreciative, problem-solving stewards of the world in which they live.
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  • World Languages


    The Department of World Languages supports the school's mission by introducing students to languages and cultures from around the world, both past and present, guiding them to use the written and spoken word effectively, and fostering their sense of intellectual curiosity and self-awareness as global citizens. Language study engages students in analysis, creativity and empathy across the disciplines and throughout their lives.
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We understand the unique curiosity and drive within every student. Our rigorous curriculum and expert faculty help students discover their passions, find joy in learning and grow into confident leaders.
Located in the heart of Richmond, Virginia, St. Catherine’s School is a private, all-girls pre-K, kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school. We provide a well-rounded educational experience for girls from communities across Richmond, Chesterfield, Henrico and all of central Virginia. St.Catherine’s all-girls educational experience is rooted in more than a century of history and tradition. From our revolutionary past to our dynamic present, St. Catherine’s has always focused on preparing students for a boundless future.