Girl-Centered Education 

St. Catherine's is fully committed to providing girls with the skills and tools that they need to pursue lives of promise and purpose. We build upon our legacy of rigorous academics with a curriculum uniquely designed to equip girls to compete in a complex, ever-changing world. We emphasize skill mastery in critical thinking, advanced research and creativity – all essential skills for girls to become trusted leaders, dynamic innovators and engaged world citizens. 

Innovative Skills, Tools and Spaces

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  • Instructional Technology

    We live in a digital world, and our students must learn how to harness technology to acquire knowledge, identify problems, conduct research, communicate ideas and design innovative solutions. By integrating powerful technology into teaching and learning throughout the curriculum and at every grade level, we stir students’ passion and create an optimal learning experience. 
  • Imagination Station

    In the Lower School, the Imagination Station is stocked with educational toys that allow girls to tinker, build and explore early engineering and physics concepts. There's even a wall with thousands of color-coded electronic bits that our youngest inventors can snap together to program motion, music and logic. 
  • Wright Library

    Girls in grades 5 through 12 gravitate to the Wright Library throughout the school day and into the evening. It's a space that they helped design to meet their study and research needs. The definition of work zones – social zone, quieter zone and complete silence zone– offer flexibility and accommodate different learning styles.  Innovative Brody chairs, often found at universities and business start-ups, provide more comfortable working spaces that drive productivity.
  • Lower School Library

    The Lower School Library is a bright and inviting place that serves students age 3 through grade 4, teachers and parents. Movable tables accommodate small groups and station-based activities. Girls acquire an appreciation for literature, further develop their literacy skills and take their first steps to becoming wise researchers, critical thinkers and innovators. 
  • Research Resources

    Students have at their fingertips more than 25,000 hardcover books and,100,000 ebooks and digital publications, as well as a myriad of online subscription databases from which they can conduct information literacy and research. Three Full-time librarians, accredited by the American Library Association, help the girls acquire research skills that will serve them well in higher education.
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