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  • Cindy Trask, Head of School

    Cindy Trask returned to St. Catherine's in July 2021 as the School's 12th Head of School. She served as the Head of Upper School at The Westminster Schools in Atlanta (2016-2021), where she led approximately 850 students and more than 130 faculty and staff.
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Board of Governors

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  • 2024-2025 Members

    Lane Sanderson, Chair
    Elizabeth Valentine, Vice-Chair

    Brian Carney 
    Marjorie Webb Childress 
    Jill Davenport
    Peter Durette
    Trishana Glover-Hassell, M.D.
    Carol Harris
    Whit Huffman 
    Reginald Jones
    Anna King
    Michael Lacy 
    Marshall Trow Lynch
    Katherine Dameron McCormick
    Virginia (Ginny) Reynolds Parker
    Deep Patel 
    Taylor Reveley, III
    Tanya J. Ross 
    Sherrie Scott
    Britt Staley 
    William (Will) Stanley
    Sallie Sweeney
    Kirstine Wilson

    Anne Whitfield Kenny
    Theodore (Ted) W. Price
    Wesley Wright, Jr.

    Ex Officio Members
    F. Claiborne Johnston, III, St. Catherine’s School Foundation President
    Sarah Wootton, Parents’ Association President
    Anne Schleusner, Alumnae Association President
    Henry Broaddus, President of Church Schools in the Diocese of Virginia
    Cindy Trask, Head of St. Catherine’s School
  • 2024-2025 Foundation Board Members

    F. Claiborne Johnston III, President
    Julie Betts Ebert ‘94
    F. Tyler B. Brown
    Henry M. T. Jones
    Kee T. Rabb
    Katie Harris Storer
    J. Cody Tafel

Leadership Team

St. Catherine’s Executive Team works collaboratively to support the school's mission and students across all areas of the school. The team works together to advance the School's strategic plan and support each other in their respective administrative roles.

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  • Sharon Arne

    Head of Middle School
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  • Laura Birdsey

    Director of Alumnae Relations
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  • Tish Canady

    Director of Access, Equity and Belonging
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  • Jennifer Cullinan

    Director of Admissions, Enrollment and Community Engagement
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  • Julie Dayton

    Director of Athletics
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  • Frances Doyle

    Interim Head of Upper School
    Chief Academic Officer
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  • Katherine Ferguson

    Director of Development
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  • Lori Fuller

    Chief Financial Officer
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  • Anna Hatfield

    Chief of Staff
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  • Pontus Hiort

    Dean of Faculty
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  • Annie Kapetanis

    Head of Lower School
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  • Paul Lozo

    Chief Operating Officer 
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  • Scott Meyerhoffer

    Director of Security
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  • Kendall Neely

    Director of Arts 
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  • Dennis Smith

    Director of Information Technology
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  • Jenn Vermillion

    Director of Innovation and Educational Technology
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  • Brian Wachur

    Director of Communications
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Alumnae Boards

National Alumnae Board

The purpose of the Ellett-St. Catherine’s Alumnae Association Board shall be to maintain and advance the interests of the Virginia Randolph Ellett School and its successor, St. Catherine’s School, to strengthen relations between St. Catherine’s and the alumnae, and promote the spirit of service and fellowship among members through various volunteer activities and committee work.

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  • Directors

    Lile Trice Benaicha ’97, Richmond, VA
    Lynn Broos ’83, Jackson, WY
    Lucy Siewers Damgard ’85, Richmond, VA
    Marianne Bocock Doyle ’88, Hanover, NH
    Mary Mason Williams Foukal ’01, Richmond, VA
    Leona Harris ’91, Columbia, MD
    Emmett Boney Haywood ’73, Raleigh, NC                              
    Monique Cheng Joe ’90, Los Angeles, CA
    MIkyung Lee ’78, Vienna, VA
    Jody Farley McGrew ’78, Atlanta, GA
    Virginia Wellford Taylor Miracle ’94, Austin, TX        
    Helene Sims ’03,  San Francisco, CA 
    Jackie Parker Taylor ’94, Alpharetta, GA
    Caroline Harmon Werner ’02, Miami, FL
    Jameka Whitten ’95, Charlotte, NC
    Kit Murphy Zuk ’01, New York, NY
  • Ex Officio

    Past President: Amy Bice de Venoge ’87, Richmond, VA            
    President, Richmond Chapter: Anne Garland Schiffman,'09 Richmond, VA
  • Officers

    Anne Redford Schleusner ’89, Charlotte, NC 

    Vice President/President-Elect
    Tiffany Jones '06, Washington, D.C.

    Bev Talbott ’72, San Francisco, CA

Richmond Board of the Ellett-St. Catherine's Alumnae Association

The purpose of the Richmond Chapter is to promote interest in and understanding of St. Catherine's School and its educational value to the community through active alumnae participation, to strengthen relations between the school and the alumnae, to promote a spirit of service and fellowship among members, and to render assistance, as needed and as our resources allow, to the Alumnae and Development Office and other offices of the School. The Richmond Chapter is an active and vital volunteer organization in terms of fundraising and other volunteer efforts.

President: Anne Garland Schiffman ’09 
Vice Pres./(Pres. Elect): Eliza Blackwell Conrad ’07
Secretary: Hunter Blair Harrell ’08 
Treasurer: Katie Carleton Gallalee ’07 

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  • Members:

    Brooke Ford Barnard ’98
    Preston Wright Buxton ’06 
    Katherine Safelle Corey ’10 
    Anne Crenshaw ’12 
    Marshall Beale Deane ’09
    Campbell Bryan Gentil ’02 
    Meg Szumski Grymes ’08 
    Eliza Brooke Hester ’07 
    Jenny Sauer Holladay '02
    Rossie Hutcheson '11
    Lang Robertson Liebman ʼ98
    Sloan Howell Loving ’03 
    Anne Peyton Leitch Maloney ’11 
    Eliza McGehee ’09 
    Liza Mickens ’15 
    Carter Southworth Padgett ’03 
    Kate Maxwell Rennolds ’06 
    Molly Newcomb Tharp ’06 
    Megan Gross White ’00
    Catie Blair Wilton ’00 

    Past President: Britt Childs Staley ’01 
  • Sustainer Members: (10+ years of service)

    Ibbie Hedrick Britton ’00 
    Amy Bice de Venoge ’87 
    Christy Amrhein Feiler ’88 
    Rendall Harris ’96
    Carrie Featherstone Hoge ’93
    Katie Burnett Peple ʼ99
Located in the heart of Richmond, Virginia, St. Catherine’s School is a private, all-girls pre-K, kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school. We provide a well-rounded educational experience for girls from communities across Richmond, Chesterfield, Henrico and all of central Virginia. St.Catherine’s all-girls educational experience is rooted in more than a century of history and tradition. From our revolutionary past to our dynamic present, St. Catherine’s has always focused on preparing students for a boundless future.