Middle School

Safe. Supported. Learning.

Middle School, Grade 5 through Grade 8, is a time of curiosity, transformation, joy and growing independence. St. Catherine’s Middle School offers a safe environment where girls build confidence and embrace this important developmental period. Every student learns to think, learn and contribute while celebrating her uniqueness and valuing differences in others. 
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Middle School Highlights

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  • Digital Citizenship

    Students communicate in different ways, many of which are changing so quickly that it is hard for parents to keep up. Our expert teachers empower students to navigate the digital world with classes that emphasize safety, responsibility and positivity. We also hold joint events for parents and students to learn about digital responsibility together. 
  • Independence and Responsibility

    Every girl showcases her increasing confidence, unique strengths and academic goals through opportunities for leadership. This includes participation in student-led clubs, service activities and in Advisory. Girl-centered personal growth classes address nutrition, body image, self defense, and drug and alcohol awareness.
  • Relationships and Inclusion

    A young person’s relationships with her friends are incredibly important for her sense of happiness, connection and overall well-being. This is particularly true during the middle school years. Our Advisory and Strong Circles programs let students explore themes of honor, friendship, inclusion and service in a safe, welcoming group of peers.

Sharon Arne | Head of Middle School

I have worked at several independent schools and consulted for many more. Never have I seen such careful thought and attention given to the effect all aspects of programming might have on students. At St. Catherine’s, everything is analyzed with the students’ needs at the center of the decision-making process.

Meet the Team

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    Sharon Arne 

    Head of Middle School
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    Jenn McIntosh 

    Assistant Head of Middle School
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    Mary Catherine Endom 

    Administrative Assistant to the Middle School
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    Ashley Hewlett 

    Associate Director of Admissions, Middle School (Grades 5-8)
    804-288-2804 x3022

Middle School Hours

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Let’s Get Started

The best way to get started is to come to St. Catherine’s for a campus tour, to catch a glimpse of School life, to meet our teachers and to see teaching and learning up close.
Located in the heart of Richmond, Virginia, St. Catherine’s School is a private, all-girls pre-K, kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school. We provide a well-rounded educational experience for girls from communities across Richmond, Chesterfield, Henrico and all of central Virginia. St.Catherine’s all-girls educational experience is rooted in more than a century of history and tradition. From our revolutionary past to our dynamic present, St. Catherine’s has always focused on preparing students for a boundless future.