St. Catherine’s provides a modern well-rounded educational experience rooted in more than a century of history and tradition. We could not do it without a talented and passionate team of faculty and staff members.

Building Powerful Minds

At St. Catherine’s, we equip students with the intellect and courage needed to enter the changing world with a confident voice and a sure-footed expectation that they are prepared for anything. 

We understand the unique curiosity and drive within every student. Our rigorous curriculum and expert faculty help students discover their passions, find joy in learning and grow into confident leaders.
Located in the heart of Richmond, Virginia, St. Catherine’s School is a private, all-girls pre-K, kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school. We provide a well-rounded educational experience for girls from communities across Richmond, Chesterfield, Henrico and all of central Virginia. St.Catherine’s all-girls educational experience is rooted in more than a century of history and tradition. From our revolutionary past to our dynamic present, St. Catherine’s has always focused on preparing students for a boundless future.