Alumnae Athletes

Competing at the Collegiate Level

After graduation, many St. Catherine’s athletes go on to compete at the collegiate level. If you or someone you know competed in college and is not included on the list below, please contact us at

Our Athletes

By Class

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Through the Years

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  • 2010-2019

    Class of 2019
    Class of 2018
    Class of 2017
    Class of 2016
    Class of 2015
    Class of 2014
    Class of 2013
    Class of 2012
    Class of 2011
    Class of 2010
  • 2000-2009

    Class of 2009
    Class of 2008
    Class of 2007
    • Meaghan Anderson —William and Mary, Lacrosse
    • Kristen Cornett — University of St. Andrew's, Volleyball 
    • Emma Starnes —William and Mary, Lacrosse
    Class of 2006
    • Julz Anderson —Rhodes College, Field Hockey
    • Jordan Casey— Boston University, Track and Field
    • Katie Doswell— Duke University, Cross Country/Track
    • Katie Harris— Washington and Lee, Tennis
    • Emma Hennesey— Sewanee, Soccer
    • Page Farmer— Longwood University, Lacrosse
    Class of 2005
    • Louise Bance— Washington and Lee, University Field Hockey
    • Elspeth BerryJohns —Hopkins University, Crew
    • Jessica Braswell— Auburn University, Equestrian
    • Susan Mahoney —Washington and Lee University, Swimming
    • Elizabeth West —Sewanee, Equestrian
    Class of 2004
    • Clare Blubaugh— Johns Hopkins University, Crew
    • Carter Ellis— Wake Forest University, Soccer and Track and Field
    • Sarah Hite— Wofford College, Track and Field
    • Abby Logan— William & Mary, Sailing
    • Erin Richardson— University of Mary Washington, Equestrian 
    • Ann Tripp— University of Mary Washington, Cross Country/Track and Field
    Class of 2003
    • Julie Harris— Washington and Lee University, Cross Country and Track
    • Brittany Hillner —Sewanee, Equestrian
    • Jane Moss —Sewanee, Field Hockey 
    Class of 2002
    • Catherine Avery— Sewanee Field, Hockey 
    • Corbin Dunlap— Duke University, Crew
    • Mallory Outten— Hofstra University, Field Hockey
    Class of 2001
    • Kelly Kennedy— William and Mary, Tennis
    • Tess Leppert— Davidson College, Lacrosse
    • Alexis Martirosian— Princeton University, Field Hockey
    • Natalie Martirosian— Princeton University, Field Hockey
    • Kit Murphy— Washington and Lee University, Field Hockey and Lacrosse
    • Virginia Satterfield— Randolph-Macon College, Volleyball
    • Ginny Sutton— William & Mary, Field Hockey
    • Ginger Tripp— Sweetbriar College, Field Hockey and Lacrosse
    Class of 2000
    • Dara Burke— Guilford College, Basketball
    • Catie Keiger— Randolph-Macon College, Lacrosse
  • 1999-1990

    Class of 1999
    • Mary Catherine Bain— Sewanee Field, Hockey
    • Kathryn Jefferson— Randolph-Macon College, Field Hockey
    • Kay Livick Milne— East Carolina University, Cross Country/Track and Field
    • Chrystal Russel—l Peace College, Volleyball and Softball
    Class of 1998
    • Tovia Martirosian— Yale University, Field Hockey
    Class of 1997
    • Whitney Dunlap— Duke University, Crew
    • Elizabeth Kyle— field Springfield College, Field Hockey
    Class of 1996
    • Rendall Harris— Randolph-Macon College, Lacrosse
    • Ashley McCowen— Princeton University, Rowing
    Class of 1994
    • Whitney Parker— Washington and Lee University, Lacrosse
    • Clair Parrish— University of Virginia, Lacrosse
    Class of 1992
    • Lindsey Wright Piett— College of Charleston, Cross Country
    Class of 1991
    • Frannette Sheffield Miller—Appalachian State University, Track and Field
    • Melissa Kennedy Whitley— Sewanee, Field Hockey
    Class of 1990
    • Anne Farmer— Sewanee, Field Hockey
  • 1980-1989

    Class of 1988
    • Marianne Bocock Doyle—Dartmouth College, Lacrosse
    Class of 1987
    • Marshall McGehee—Sewanee, Field Hockey
    • Fairley McElveen Pilaro—Denison University, Swimming and Lacrosse
    • JaneAnne McJunkin Randolph—Denison University, Basketball and Lacrosse
    Class of 1986
    • Katherine Macauley Mueller—Trinity College, Tennis 
    Class of 1985
    • Wendy Kern Shifflett—James Madison University, Golf
    Class of 1982
    • Mary Blair Fairinholt Denious—Sweet Briar College, Lacrosse
    • Nancy Buckey Rothacker—Sweet Briar College, Lacrosse
    Class of 1981
    • Suzy Preston—Princeton University, Field Hockey and Lacrosse
    • Sallie Cecil—Stillwell University of Virginia, Lacrosse
  • 1970-1979

    Class of 1979
    • Natalie Bocock Turnage—Princeton University, Field Hockey and Lacrosse
    • Nan Gillespie O’Connell—Princeton University, Field Hockey and Lacrosse
    Class of 1978
    • Debbie Cosby Kelley—Longwood University, Field Hockey and Lacrosse
    Class of 1977
    • Lloyd Hatcher Ford—University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Tennis
    • Molly Hungerford Solomson—University of Virginia, Lacrosse
    • Betty Baugh Harrison Vozenilek—University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Tennis
    • Bucci Rennolds Zeugner—Bryn Mawr College, Field Hockey and Lacrosse
    Class of 1976
    • Lisa Pratt—Princeton, Hockey and Squash
    Class of 1975
    Class of 1974
    • Elva Mapp—Yale University, Basketball
    Class of 1973
    • Gussie Johns Bannard—Princeton University, Field Hockey and Lacrosse
    • Nancy Broadbent Casserley—Princeton University, Squash
    • Natalie Easterly—Hollins University, Swimming
  • 1960-1969

    Class of 1969
    • Laura Leake Brown—Hollins University, Field Hockey
    • Mary Wilson Pinder Schill—Hollins University, Field Hockey
  • 1890-1959

    We are still researching our alumnae athletes. If you or someone you know who graduated in this era competed in college, please contact us at or
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