Student health and wellness programs are as important as academic success at St. Catherine’s. It is important for girls of all ages to develop a strong sense of intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual and social well-being to best prepare them for life.

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  • Lower School

    In the Lower School, the focus is to help girls develop a growth mindset towards social-emotional learning and character development. The monthly virtues program is highlighted through chapels, homeroom discussions, and guidance lessons. The Lower School counselor leads small group sessions on a variety of topics including anxiety, stress relief, bullying and divorce, as well as individual sessions when needed. Additionally, teachers lead students through mindfulness exercises and movement breaks.
  • Middle School

    During the adolescent years, girls go through many physical, emotional and social changes, and our all-girls environment allows us to address the unique needs of girls during this stage of their life. Every year in Middle School students take a class called Personal Growth, which provides the opportunity to discuss developmental issues with their peer group and a Middle School Counselor. Topics build upon those introduced in the Lower School and expand to include friendship and relationships, social media influences, nutrition, body image, substance abuse prevention and family life.
  • Upper School

    In grades 9-12, the focus is on fostering independence while educating students on biopsychosocial topics commonly faced by young adults. Examples include mental health, substance abuse/addiction, stress reduction and positive coping skills, understanding signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships and more. 

Health and Wellness Team

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  • Photo of Laura Gorsuch

    Laura Gorsuch 

    Middle School Counselor, Dance Teacher, Health and Wellness Coordinator
  • Photo of Tiffany Bernstein

    Mrs. Tiffany Bernstein 

    Upper School Health Teacher/Nurse Substitute
  • Photo of Elizabeth Blanton

    Mrs. Elizabeth Blanton 97

    Lower School Nurse
  • Photo of Karen Brockenbrough

    Karen Brockenbrough Ph.D. 

    School Psychologist and Upper School Guidance Counselor
  • Photo of Sukyoon Chang

    Mr. Sukyoon Chang MS, LAT, ATC, CSCS 

    Head Athletic Trainer; Strength & Conditioning Coordinator
  • Photo of Laura Horn

    Mrs. Laura Horn 95

    Chair of Physical Education & Health, PE Teacher, Asst. Basketball Coach
  • Photo of Stacia Schoeffler

    Stacia Schoeffler 

    Middle and Upper School Nurse
  • Photo of Rachen Sterling

    Mrs. Rachen Sterling 88

    L.S. Guidance Counselor
  • Photo of Linda Stoller

    Ms. Linda Stoller 

    Middle School Counselor
  • Photo of Becky McDaniel

    Rev. Becky McDaniel 

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