Service Learning

“What we keep we lose; only what we give remains our own.”

Our School Motto represents more than a collection of words — it's a way of life at St. Catherine's School. At every age, our girls find joy in serving others. They generate ideas, plan the details, promote their cause and make it happen. We strive to help our students make connections to what is meaningful and powerful in their lives and in the lives of others in order to:
  • develop commitment and strengthen character education, while teaching students about the importance of philanthropy
  • support community needs through short-term projects and long-term partnerships
  • embrace our identity as an Episcopal School
The goals of our service-learning program is to:
  • cultivate leaders by using the “teach someone to fish” model.
  • encourage person-to-person service which fosters compassion and passion for lifelong service
  • foster remedies to injustice and inequality in which our students can serve the immediate needs of others balanced by learning about challenges and how to form creative solutions.

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  • Lower School (age 3-Grade 4)

    The Lower School Virtues Program influences service learning by providing a focused monthly virtue. Virtues such as honesty, compassion and empathy are tied together through weekly chapels often led by the students and lessons in the classroom. Girls in the fourth grade have the opportunity to join the Lower School community service club which meets weekly. Those girls work together with their faculty sponsor to plan various projects to serve others in need. Some of the organizations they support are SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now) and St. Andrew’s School.
  • Middle School (Grades 5-8)

    S.O.C.K.S (Serving Our Community Kid Style) is a service club open to all Middle School students. This group meets during the school day to explore current issues and to generate ideas for student-led service projects. At this developmental stage, it is important to provide the girls with opportunities to demonstrate interest in various causes and needs and allow them to take leadership for planning and promotion with guidance from faculty advisors.
  • Upper School (Grades 9-12)

    Students in grades 9-12 are responsible for 15 hours of service per year. Ten of those hours must be face-to-face work with one pre-approved community partner, which results in more focused partnerships and deeper experiences. The remaining five hours are up to the discretion of the student, as long as they meet St. Catherine’s criteria for general service hours, which may include volunteering or fundraising. Students who commit to exceptional service work that exceeds the required hours may be honored with awards and recognition.

Community Partnerships

Community Service Organizations:

Each division has a student leadership organization dedicated to community service:
  • Lower School (grade 4) – Community Service Club
  • Middle School – SOCKS  (Serving Our Community Kids Style)
  • Upper School – Service League 

Meet the Team

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  • Photo of Alison Bonnell

    Alison Bonnell 

    Teacher, M.S. Math, Middle School Service Coordinator
  • Photo of Drew Johnson

    The Rev. Drew Johnson 

    Teacher, U.S. Religion, Upper School Service Coordinator
  • Photo of Ashley Miller

    Mrs. Ashley Miller 86

    Teacher, Grade 4, Lower School Service Coordinator
  • Photo of Sherry Oelkers

    Sherry Oelkers 

    Teacher, Spanish in MS and US, Middle School Service Coordinator
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