Alumnae NCAA Athletes

Class of 2022

Talley Applewhite—Navy Soccer
Lane Harding—Denison Squash
Aggie Hahn—Georgia Equestrian
Sally Herrington—Sewanee Lacrosse
Ainsleigh Mancini—Wofford Lacrosse
Charlotte Robinson—William & Mary Track
Sydney Simpson—Sewanee Field Hockey
Cathryn Short—Randolph-Macon Field Hockey
Ryleigh Vallejo—Swarthmore Swimming

Class of 2021

Sophia Connell—Denison Soccer
Cabell Crowder—Bowdoin Squash
Claire Horner—Washington and Lee Lacrosse
Ellie Horner—Cornell Lacrosse
Alexa Macaulay—Trinity Lacrosse
Quinn Menger—Penn State Volleyball
Emma Mitchell—Washington and Lee Track & Field
Jordyn Travis—Drexel Field Hockey
Tatum Walsh—James Madison Golf
Charlotte Wishnack—Williams Swimming

Class of 2020

Jessie Atkinson—Sewanee Volleyball
Anne Bowles—VMI Swimming
Carrington Bowles—Dickinson Swimming
Carolyn Braziel—Stevenson Field Hockey
Jailah Channer—VCU Track & Field
Tess Deyerle—Washington & Lee Swimming
Claire Ellis—Shepherd University Volleyball
Haley Felton—Randolph-Macon Basketball
Anne Gamble Jennings—Bates Cross Country/Track
Abby Jenkins—University of Denver Lacrosse
Sarah Johnson—Ohio State Lacrosse
Cary Mauck—Denison Field Hockey
Willa Shannon—Dartmouth Track & Field
Maggie Strickler—University of Virginia Rowing
Ellie Taylor—Davidson Field Hockey
Maddie Vicars—Liberty University Field Hockey
Rory Weinfurther—University of Richmond Golf
Jaala Williams—Virginia Wesleyan Basketball

Class of 2019

Hannah Ballowe—Virginia Tech Cross Country/track
Ashley Boardman—Colby College Soccer
Gracie Caplice—Washington & Lee Tennis
Julia Galbraith—US Naval Academy Cross Country/Track and Field 
Reagan Hardy —Bluefield College Softball
Parker Longood—Washington & Lee Track and Field
Doxey Loupassi—Dickinson College Squash (Division I for squash)
Jacquelyn Maly—LaSalle University Swimming
Lilli Marcia—American University Soccer
Maya McDonough—Middlebury College Squash (Division I for squash)
Caroline Reinhart —Stanford Field Hockey 
Kalli Wagnon—University of California-Davis Field Hockey

Alumnae Athletes

List of 7 items.

  • 2010-2018

    Class of 2018

    Emerson Foster lacrosse Roanoke
    Lily Henderson lacrosse, Randolph-Macon
    Anna Hubbard track and field, Sewanee
    Madison Jiranek field hockey and lacrosse, Penn
    Caroline Jordan lacrosse, William & Mary 
    Grace Kim field hockey, Duke
    Cara Menges field hockey, William & Mary field hockey (Times-Dispatch Scholar-Athlete of the Year)
    Julia Palumbo soccer, Catholic University
    Gracie Wielar swimming, Villanova

    Class of 2017

    Sydnei Archie basketball, VCU 
    Mallory Bedell lacrosse, Sewanee lacrosse
    Emily Condlin Rowing, UVA
    Kali Hodges swimming, Marymount 
    Elizabeth Magee golf, Randolph Macon
    Callie Nesbitt  tennis, Colby
    Catie Nolan squash, Dickinson
    Nancy Taylor lacrosse, Franklin & Marshall 
    Emily Wigg soccer, University of Richmond soccer
    Liza Williamson lacrosse, UVA 

    Class of 2016

    Taylor Allen swimming, Sweet Briar
    Sam Conway
    volleyball, William & Mary (Times-Dispatch Player of the Year)
    Haley Gullquist 
    swimming, Denison
    Lily Horsley 
    tennis, Washington and Lee
    Virginia Jesselson
    soccer, Davidson
    Carmen Manganello
    field hockey, William & Mary
    Temple Moore 
    lacrosse, Sewanee
    Sasha Osipenko 
    track and field, William & Mary
    Eric Royal
    field hockey, James Madison
    Addie Wright
    soccer, Colorado State
    Seeley Yoo
    soccer, Davidson (Times-Dispatch Player of the Year)

    Class of 2015

    Mady Arles volleyball, Emory
    Virginia Hamilton 
    field hockey and lacrosse, Denison 
    Bri Miller 
    track & field, William & Mary 
    Libby Parrish 
    cross country and track, Wake Forest
    Haley Tucker 
    field hockey and lacrosse, Washington and Lee
    Libbie Warner golf, Hamilton 
    Caroline Williams 
    swimming, UNC-Wilmington

    Class of 2014

    Ida Farinholt lacrosse, Cornell/lacrosse, UNC 
    Casey Gaffney golf, Bridgewater
    Sommer Harris swimming, Florida Gulf Coast
    Izzy Hinckley track and field, Bucknell
    Cailin MacLean soccer, William Smith 
    Emma MacLeod field hockey and lacrosse, William & Mary
    Erin Menges field hockey, William & Mary
    Caroline Naumann basketball, Lynchburg
    Hannah Powell swimming, Washington & Lee

    Class of 2013
    Ali Doswell basketball, Amherst (National Champion; Division III Player of the Year)
    Meredith Doswell basketball, Amherst (National Champion; Division III Player of the Year)
    Asja Jenkins basketball, Emory and Henry 
    Kyle Johns cross country, Rhodes
    Jane Nester swimming, Johns Hopkins 
    Liz Spruill track and cross country, Washington and Lee 
    Ellis Wood swimming, Kenyon 

    Class of 2012
    Alexis Crittenden lacrosse, Sewanee
    Kaki Jennison lacrosse, Duke 
    Amanda Kim  field hockey, Duke (first team HS All-American) 
    Tracy Moriconi golf, Randolph Macon
    Abigail Rose field hockey, Amherst
    Peyton Smith field hockey, William & Mary 
    Janie Spilman field hockey, Sewanee
    Kali Vicars field hockey, Wake Forest (first team HS All-American)

    Class of 2011
    Kate Bassett swimming, UCLA
    Taylor Clevinger
     track and field, University of Richmond
    Sarah Katz track and field, William & Mary
    Margaret Tucker lacrosse, Kenyon College
    Polly Ukrop track and field, Davidson
    Helen Warner field hockey, University of Richmond
    Callie Whitlock tennis, Rollins

    Class of 2010
    Alexa Anderson lacrosse, Longwood University 
    Elizabeth Berry swimming, College of Charleston
    Sarah Kim swimming, College of Charleston
    Chaney Manganello field hockey, College of William and Mary
    Mamie Robertson cross country, Washington and Lee
    Sydney Schreiner field hockey, Davidson
  • 2000-2009

    Class of 2009
    Lindsay Crittenden
     field hockey, Washington and Lee
    Stephanie Fort
     softball, Allegheny College
    Anne Garland 
    tennis, University of the South (Sewanee)
    Allie Gullquist
     sailing, Northwestern University
    Christelle Ndongo
     soccer, Virginia Military Institute
    Anne Finley Vaughan cross country and track, Virginia Tech

    Class of 2008

    Virginia Ginn track, James Madison University
    Caroline Kasper field hockey, Denison University
    Kristine Rohrbaugh
     golf, College of Wiliam and Mary
    Stephanie Stinson volleyball and softball, Mary Washington University
    Carrie Wortham cross country and track, Virginia Military Institute

    Class of 2007

    Meaghan Anderson lacrosse, College of William and Mary
    Kristen Cornett volleyball, University of St. Andrew's 
    Emma Starnes lacrosse, College of William and Mary

    Class of 2006
    Julz Anderson field hockey, Rhodes College
    Jordan Casey track, Boston University
    Katie Doswell cross country and track, Duke University
    Katie Harris tennis, Washington and Lee University
    Emma Hennesey soccer, University of the South (Sewanee)
    Page Farmer lacrosse, Longwood University

    Class of 2005

    Louise Bance field hockey, Washington and Lee University
    Elspeth Berry crew, Johns Hopkins University
    Jessica Braswell equestrian, Auburn University
    Susan Mahoney swimming, Washington and Lee University
    Elizabeth West equestrian, University of the South (Sewanee)

    Class of 2004
    Clare Blubaugh crew, Johns Hopkins University
    Carter Ellis soccer and track, Wake Forest University
    Sarah Hite track and field, Wofford College
    Abby Logan sailing, College of William and Mary
    Erin Richardson equestrian, University of Mary Washington
    Ann Tripp cross country and track, University of Mary Washington

    Class of 2003
    Julie Harris cross country and track, Washington and Lee University
    Brittany Hillner equestrian, University of the South (Sewanee)
    Jane Moss field hockey, University of the South (Sewanee)

    Class of 2002
    Catherine Avery field hockey, University of the South (Sewanee)
    Corbin Dunlap crew, Duke University
    Mallory Outten field hockey, Hofstra University

    Class of 2001
    Kelly Kennedy tennis, College of William and Mary
    Tess Leppert lacrosse, Davidson College
    Alexis Martirosian field hockey, Princeton University
    Natalie Martirosian field hockey, Princeton University
    Kit Murphy field hockey and lacrosse, Washington and Lee University
    Virginia Satterfield volleyball, Randolph-Macons College
    Ginny Sutton field hockey, College of William and Mary
    Ginger Tripp field hockey and lacrosse, Sweetbriar College

    Class of 2000

    Dara Burke basketball, Guilford College
    Catie Keiger lacrosse, Randolph-Macon College
  • 1990-1999

    Class of 1999
    Mary Catherine Bain field hockey, University of the South (Sewanee)
    Kathryn Jefferson field hockey, Randolph-Macon College
    Kay Livick Milne cross country and track, East Carolina University
    Chrystal Russell volleyball and softball, Peace College

    Class of 1998
    Tovia Martirosian field hockey, Yale University

    Class of 1997
    Whitney Dunlap crew, Duke University
    Elizabeth Kyle field hockey, Springfield College

    Class of 1996
    Rendall Harris lacrosse, Randolph-Macon College
    Ashley McCowen rowing, Princeton University

    Class of 1994
    Whitney Parker lacrosse, Washington and Lee University
    Clair Parrish lacrosse, University of Virginia

    Class of 1992
    Lindsey Wright Piett
    cross country, College of Charleston

    Class of 1991
    Frannette Sheffield Miller track, Appalachian State University
    Melissa Kennedy Whitley field hockey, University of the South (Sewanee)

    Class of 1990

    Anne Farmer field hockey, University of the South (Sewanee)
  • 1980-1989

    Class of 1988
    Marianne Bocock Doyle lacrosse, Dartmouth College

    Class of 1987
    Marshall McGehee field hockey, University of the South (Sewanee)
    Fairley McElveen Pilaro swimming and lacrosse, Denison University
    JaneAnne McJunkin Randolph basketball and lacrosse, Denison University

    Class of 1986
    Katherine Macauley Mueller tennis, Trinity College

    Class of 1985
    Wendy Kern Shifflett golf, James Madison University

    Class of 1982
    Mary Blair Fairinholt Denious lacrosse, Sweet Briar College
    Nancy Buckey Rothacker lacrosse, Sweet Briar College

    Class of 1981
    Suzy Preston field hockey and lacrosse, Princeton University
    Sallie Cecil Stillwell lacrosse, University of Virginia
  • 1970-1979

    Class of 1979
    Natalie Bocock Turnage field hockey and lacrosse, Princeton University
    Nan Gillespie O’Connell field hockey and lacrosse, Princeton University

    Class of 1978
    Debbie Cosby Kelley field hockey and lacrosse, Longwood University

    Class of 1977
    Lloyd Hatcher Ford tennis, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    Molly Hungerford Solomson lacrosse, University of Virginia
    Betty Baugh Harrison Vozenilek tennis, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    Bucci Rennolds Zeugner field hockey and lacrosse, Bryn Mawr College

    Class of 1976
    Lisa Pratt field hockey and squash, Princeton University

    Class of 1975
    Peel Hawthorne field hockey and lacrosse, College of William and Mary

    Class of 1974

    Elva Mapp basketball, Yale University

    Class of 1973
    Gussie Johns Bannard field hockey and lacrosse, Princeton University
    Nancy Broadbent Casserley squash, Princeton University
    Natalie Easterly swimming, Hollins University
  • 1960-1969

    Class of 1969
    Laura Leake Brown field hockey, Hollins University
    Mary Wilson Pinder Schill field hockey, Hollins University
  • 1890-1959

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