Private Music Lessons

In addition to Early Learners - 12th grade classroom music, St. Catherine’s offers the opportunity for students to study specific instruments privately. Members of the music faculty and adjunct instructors offer private instruction within the school’s music department. Lessons are based on teacher availability and offered on a first come, first served basis. Lesson scheduling takes place at the beginning of the school year. Students and parents will be notified of placement and scheduling during the first week of school. Please contact Loretta McCray ( with any questions.

*Please note that, due to the uncertain times, lesson mode (virtual or in-person) and scheduling options will be contingent on broader School policy and the availability of each individual instructor. For all Lower School beginners taking virtual lessons, the presence of a responsible adult throughout the lesson is required to ensure the best possible experience for the student and the instructor.

Private Music Lesson Offerings
Voice (7th grade and above)

Parents of current students please use the Registration link below

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