At St. Catherine’s, music fuels creativity, community, and celebration. Our curriculum helps every student to develop the ability to express themselves artistically, connect with others and perform with confidence in any setting. Music provides a unique platform for learning about other cultures and connecting with people across the globe, and travel is integral to the musical mission of our school. Ensembles in the Lower, Middle and Upper schools regularly take part in trips that expand each student’s horizon and enrich her musical journey.  

Music Department Goals
1.   To help all students develop a positive relationship with music.
2.   To help our students to both speak and understand music as a language.
3.   To empower our students to communicate, collaborate, and perform with confidence.
4.   To develop our students' understanding of the ways in which music can impact themselves and those around them.
5.   To introduce our students to a wide variety of musical compositions and the context in which they were created.
6.   To enhance our school community through finding and encouraging opportunities for students to share their music.
7.   To make music at St. Catherine's accessible and welcoming for all, while creating a safe  environment for students to take risks.

Core Programs

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  • Choral

    3 & 4 Choir
    MS Choir
    Grace Notes
    Saints Singers
  • General Music

    K-8 classes
    US Songwriting
    A.P. Music Theory
  • Instrumental

    Grade 2 strings
    Grades 3 & 4 strings
    Grade 5 Strings
    MS Strings
    US String Ensemble
    Grade 4 Band
    Grade 5 Band
    MS Band
    US Band
    MS Handbells
    Beginning Guitar
    Advanced Guitar
  • Musical Theater

    Grade 1 Show
    Grade 2 Nutcracker
    Grade 4 Musical
    MS Musical
    US Musical

Private Music Lessons

In addition to Early Learners - 12th grade classroom music, St. Catherine’s offers the opportunity for students to study specific instruments privately. Members of the music faculty and adjunct instructors offer private instruction within the school’s music department. Lessons are based on teacher availability and offered on a first come, first served basis. Lesson scheduling takes place at the beginning of the school year. Students and parents will be notified of placement and scheduling during the first week of school. Please contact Loretta McCray ( with any questions.
Private Music Lesson Offerings
Voice (7th grade and above)

Parents of current students please use the Registration link

US Chapel Holiday Music

US Advent Lessons and Carols

  • Program information

  • Practice resources

    • Thoughts and Tips on Practicing
      Individual practice is at the heart of learning to play a musical instrument. Technique can be taught and demonstrated at a private lesson, and ensemble skills and musical ideas can be communicated at an orchestra rehearsal, but competency on and mastery of an instrument is accomplished only by regular dedicated individual practice sessions . Like most things in life, what you get out of your strings experience depends greatly upon what you put into it. 
    • A Better Way to Practice

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  • Photo of Jennifer Ivens

    Jennifer Ivens 

    Music Dept. Chair Teacher, Lower School Music and Choir Director
  • Ms. Kristin Bourlas 

    Private Music Instructor
  • Photo of Justin Huppmann

    Justin Huppmann 

    Private Music Instructor and Guitar Ensemble
  • Photo of Loretta McCray

    Loretta McCray 

    Coordinator of Private Lessons; Lower School Strings; Violin Instructor
    Virginia Commonwealth University - B.M.
    Catholic University of America - M.M.
  • Photo of Lisa Overmyer

    Lisa Overmyer 

    Teacher, Middle School Music and Band Director
  • Photo of Regan Sprenkle

    Ms. Regan Sprenkle 

    Private Music Instructor
    • Private Girls Elementary School: St. Catherine's School
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