Service Learning

“What we keep we lose; only what we give remains our own.”

Our School Motto represents more than a collection of words — it's a way of life at St. Catherine's School. At every age, our girls find joy in serving others. They generate ideas, plan every detail, promote their cause and make it happen. We strive to help our students make connections to what is meaningful and powerful in their lives and in the lives of others in order to:
  • Develop commitment and strengthen character education, while teaching students about the importance of philanthropy
  • Support community needs through short-term projects and long-term partnerships
  • Embrace our identity as an Episcopal School
Ultimately, community service empowers young women to serve the common good and answer the call of vocation.
Vocation as defined:

“where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” — Fredrick Buechner
Service Projects:
St. Catherine’s service projects typically fall under the following three categories:
  1. Student-driven projects
  2. Service learning as part of a class
  3. Community partnerships
    • Long-term support
    • Support of short-term organizational needs
Community service projects may be suggested by any member of the St. Catherine’s community. Each suggestion will be reviewed and given full measure of consideration, but annual commitments are limited. To ensure each project receives the appropriate review and that St. Catherine’s does not make commitments that cannot be fulfilled, the school has a project approval process. In addition, if the community service project requires fundraising, a fundraising permission form must also be submitted for approval.

Community Service Organizations:

Each division has a student leadership organization dedicated to community service:
  • Lower School (grade 4) – Community Service Club
  • Middle School – SOCKS  (Serving Our Community Kids Style)
  • Upper School – Service League