Dining Services

Dining Services
St. Catherine's and Meriwether Godsey, our culinary partner, aim to provide nutritious foods that will fuel students and offer a positive dining experience. As children mature and eat meals away from home, they are faced with making their own food choices. By providing fresh and healthy foods, we hope to promote good habits. Our menus, ingredients, cooking methods and nutrition programs all incorporate our theme of BALANCE.

Fresh, Fun & Tasty
Meals are not just about eating – they are an experience. We realize it’s our job to make St. Catherine’s dining room a nice place to be --- and we strive to do that by preparing delicious food and serving it with pleasure. Our chefs love to cook and being creative with it makes it fun for everyone.

Scratch Cooking
“Scratch” is defined as “from the beginning.” Many of our salad dressings, soups, sauces, composed salads, sides, entrées, and desserts are made from scratch. We also strive to use as much fresh and local products as possible.

Tell Us What You Think
“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” We believe in candid feedback. Ultimately, that is what allows us to sustain a customized dining experience.   Our staff is eager to discuss special events, new food ideas, or hear about a meal that didn’t go quite right. We have open doors and open minds.

About Dining Services

Cece Parrish, Director of Dining

Meriwether Godsey
Meriwether Godsey was founded in 1985 by Marie "Rie" Meriwether Godsey who remains the company president and a regular visitor to St. Catherine’s. Meriwether Godsey is employee-owned and headquartered in Lynchburg, Va. Expertise includes contract dining services, catering and retail. Meriwether Godsey focuses their attention on bringing restaurant concepts to their partners in over 30 locations in Virginia, D.C., Maryland, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. 

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