Global Education

Global Education

The world is becoming increasingly more interconnected and interactive every day. Technological advancements have enabled us to connect with great ease to others oceans away. It’s our responsibility to help our children develop a global understanding and build cultural competency that enables them to move across boundaries with ease and to emerge as engaged world citizens.

Our global curriculum, enhanced by international speakers, travel and exchanges, provides meaningful experiences for students of all ages.

Global Curriculum

Teachers in every class introduce lessons that expand each student’s world view. They work across disciplines and grade levels to cultivate global awareness in profound ways. Our students develop the ability to identify interdependencies, to analyze different perspectives, to respect differences and to participate in meaningful real-world experiences and exchanges.

Global Experiences

Travel experiences focus on language immersion and cultural exchange, service-based learning, and curricular connections to art, history, and literature in the academic program. A wide array of speakers complements the global curriculum by not only providing inspirational keynote addresses but also working side by side with students in their classrooms as mentors and facilitators.

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  • Austria

    Each year, St. Catherine's partners with ASSIST to bring foreign exchange students to the St. Cathine's community. Students live with a host family and fully participate in the live our the community.
  • China

    Upper School students embarked on rich cultural and linguistic tour of the southeast of China, a region known for its rivers, caves and karst formations. Students also visited Hong Kong to experience Hong Kong's incredible mix of Western and Eastern culture. Rich in linguistic and cultural experiences were able to experience ancient and contemporary China and even visit a private school where an alum of our brother school is currently a teacher.  
  • Colombia

  • Cuba

    Upper School students traveled to Santiago Cuba to help rebuild an Episcopal church destroyed in the 1960’s. Students lived in the parish guest house, situated within a walled compound with round the clock staff, breaking bread every day at the center or at the work site with the priest and his youth minister. Interactions with workers, parishioners and neighbors provided rich language and cultural experience for students
  • Dominican Republic

    Since 2011, Middle School students have traveled to Colegio San Esteban in San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic. The girls experience a week of joyful service and fellowship while working with children whose lives are very different from their own. Many who have gone on the trip previously have found it to be an invaluable, life-changing experience.
  • Germany

  • Greece

    Art, math, technology in Greece. Upper School students explored the culture, history, and influence of Greece, with an emphasis on artistic, mathematical and technological advances. Students will study Greek contribution Western art, architecture, and literature and explore the island of Samos, the birthplace of Pythagoras.
  • Kopila Vallley School, Nepal

    Lower School girls sponsor three students at the Kopila Valley School in Nepal. On the International Day of the Girl, St. Catherine's third and fourth graders were cheered on by our younger students as they ran a mile race and "Went the Extra Mile" to raise money to sponsor our girls for the third year. 
  • Lithuania

    Each year, St. Catherine's partners with ASSIST to bring foreign exchange students to the St. Cathine's community. Students live with a host family and fully participate in the live our the community.
  • Macchu Pichu

    The Middle School Peru global studies trip aligned with the curriculum of the grade 7 and 8 Spanish language and grade 7 medieval world history classes. Highlights of the trip included: a three-night homestay with Peruvian families, service work at a Peruvian girls school dormitory, and exploration of the famous Inca Machu Picchu ruins and historic city of Cusco. Through this experience, the St. Catherine's girls stepped outside their comfort zones and broadened their perspectives of diverse world cultures.  
  • Normandy, France

    Led by led by Major General Graham Holland, students explore the complex and fascinating history of World War II during this trip. Students begin their experience in Normandy and then travel to Paris where they explore the city with special visits to the WWI and WWII Suresnes Cemetery and the Army Museum of Les Invalides.
  • Patagonia, Argentina

    Upper School students learned how outdoor travel skills such as backcountry cooking, camp craft, Leave No Trace principles and safety techniques as they explore Nahuel Huapi, the oldest national park in Argentina. Students hike volcanic rocks, clear lakes and the flora and fauna of a temperate forest. Students completed a series of local service projects, learning from the local populations' cultural traditions of a simple lifestyle, emphasis on family, close ties to the earth and the satisfaction of working with one's hands.
  • Puerto Rico

    Led by an art teacher and a health and yoga teacher, Upper School students travelled to Puerto Rico to explore art museums, salsa dancing, eating local cuisine, and natural resources. A yoga/meditation practice will be part of the daily itinerary to highlight how how being in the present moment enhances life experiences.  
  • Rome, Italy

    Upper School students traveled to Rome to explore 3,000 years of geology, city planning, historical remains and artistic treasures. The group traced Roman history from founding myths and legends from Aeneas and Romulus to the foundation of the empire, its Republican and Imperial
    history, its collapse and ebbing in the Middle Ages, its triumphant Renaissance and Baroque comeback. Not only did students immerse themselves in Roman history, they enjoyed sampling local foods and enjoying daily Roman life in the cradle of popes and emperors, of Michelangelo and Bernini. 
  • St. Catherine's School, Bramley

    St. Catherine's Bramlely is an Episcopal School in Surry, England. Students travel between the two schools each year for a cultural immpersion experience.

Global Program Highlights

  • Global awareness is woven into the study of history, literature, foreign language, religion and art.
  • Lower School language and cultural study begin in Junior Kindergarten when the students learn about greetings in a variety of languages. Formal language and cultural study in both Mandarin Chinese and Spanish begin in Kindergarten.
  • Mandarin Chinese and Spanish are introduced in Kindergarten. At the highest levels of language instruction, students have the opportunity to master Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, French, Latin and other languages.
  • Faculty studying and presenting abroad in France and Brazil use Skype and other technologies to provide cultural exchanges with Lower School students.
  • The yearlong X-Term Program for grades 9-12, in coordination with St. Christopher’s School, emphasizes exploration and exchange with unique international travel opportunities.
  • Recent international trips include visits to Japan, Rome, France, Mexico, Haiti and France.
  • Middle School offers an annual mission trip to Colegio San Estaban, a school affiliated with the Episcopal Diocese, located in San Pedro, Dominican Republic.
  • International student travel opportunities include partnerships with the Laurasian Institution and the Japanese Center for Global Partnership.
  • Exchange students from around the world visit St. Catherine’s each year for both short and long-term experiences. Students from Austria, Cameroon, China, Ecuador, France, Germany and Vietnam have all shared their talents and life experiences with the St. Catherine’s community.
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