Grades 4–6

Boys & girls age rising grades 4-6
Special Interest Camps cover everything under the summer sun. Take a deep dive into a topic you are really into and maximize your skills. Increase your STEAM expertise from App and Game Design to Drone Building. Get a step up in academics from “Kick Start to Fourth Grade” to “Writing the College Application Essay.” Pump up your sports skills in the top-notch St. Catherine’s facilities or along the James River for outdoor action. Master practical skills with courses like “Babysitter Certification,” “Drivers Ed,” and a variety of culinary courses.

All one-week sessions
Half-day and full-day options*
Extended day camp care available (see Information page)

*Half day Special Interest Camps can be combined with Design Your Day Camps in the afternoon to create a full-day experience (lunch included).

Pricing by camp session

Deep dive into subjects of focused interest.

Special Interest Camps: Grades 4-6

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  • Babysitter Certification

    Become a certified babysitter while learning how to care for infants and children, create a safe environment, make good decisions, solve problems and handle emergencies.
    Grades: Rising 6-8
    Dates: Aug. 5-9, 2019; 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
    Class Fee: $160
    Instructor: Tara DiGiacomo
  • Brilliant Summer Detective Agency

    Brilliant Summer Detective Agency
    Calling all amateur detectives!  Come develop new crime investigation skills and learn forensic science techniques like ink chromatography, shoe prints, trace evidence identification, and more.  Extract DNA and identify the crook based on DNA fingerprints. Fine-tune your problem-solving and critical thinking ability as you decipher clues and process crime scene evidence.  Put your sleuthing expertise to the test to solve mock crimes around campus.
    Grades: Rising grades 4 - 6
    Session A: June 17-21, 2019; 8:45-11:45 a.m.
    Session B:June 24- 28, 2019; 8:45–11:45 a.m.
    Session C:July 8 - 12, 2019; 8:45–11:45 a.m.  
    Session D: July 15-19, 2019; 8:45–11:45 a.m.
    Class Fee  $250
    Instructor: Jennifer Harper
  • Comic Creations

    Do you have a knack for drawing? Do you like to write? We have the camp for you! Come join us as we explore the world of comics. We will learn about the different styles of cartooning, create new characters, and build a portfolio of your work.
    Grades: 4-6
    Dates: July 15-19, 2019; 8:45-11:45 a.m.
    Class Fee: $220
    Instructors: Little Scholars
  • Design Your Dream: Intro to Entrepreneurship

    Learn how to design a business through foundational lessons in entrepreneurship and experiences with dynamic guest lecturers and local small businesses. From vision and market research to personal branding and business plans, get a taste of what it means to transform dreams into reality.
    Grades: Rising 6-8
    Dates:  July 8-12, 2019; 8:45 - 11:45 a.m.
    Cost: $250
    Instructor: Jean Baker
  • Ed Sherod Co-ed Basketball Camp

    Come work with Coach Sherod in a fun camp environment to improve your overall basketball skills while having fun with an amazing coaching staff!
    Lead Instructor: Ed Sherod
    Grades: Rising grades 3,4-6, 7-9
    Dates: July 29-Aug. 2, 2019
    Time: 9 a.m.-4 p.m. -- Kenny Center
    Fee: $250
    Register online under "2019 Sports Camps"
  • Fishing Camp (ages 6-8)

    St. Catherine’s and Virginia Outside have teamed up to offer one-week, all-day fishing camps. Students meet in the Maple Avenue parking lot and are transported to various locations in the James River Park System and surrounding wild spaces.
    Ages: 6-8
    Week One: July 15-19, 2019; 9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
    Week Two: July 29-Aug. 2, 2019; 9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
    Week Three: Aug, 12-16, 2019; 9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
    Week Four: Aug.19-23, 2019; 9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
    Class Fee: $425
    Instructors: Virginia Outside Staff
  • Fishing Camps (ages 9-14)

    St. Catherine’s and Virginia Outside have teamed up to offer one-week, all-day fishing camps. Students meet in the Maple Avenue parking lot and are transported to various locations in the James River Park System and surrounding wild spaces.
    Ages: 9-14
    Week One: July 22-26, 2019; 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    Week Two: July 29-Aug 2, 2019; 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    Week Three: Aug, 5-9, 2019; 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    Week Four: Aug, 12-16, 2019; 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    Week Five: Aug.19-23, 2019; 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m..
  • Kick Start to Fourth Grade

    Fun-filled activities to help practice and review math, reading and study skills in preparation for the upcoming school year. You do not have to be a St. Catherine’s student to take this class.
    Grade: Rising grade 4
    Dates: July 29-Aug. 2, 2019; 8:45-11:45 a.m.
    Class Fee: $250
    Instructor: Sloan Hiscock
  • Kick Start to Middle School

    For students new to St. Catherine’s Middle School. Get your motor running! Come experience fun-filled activities to help you get acquainted to St. Catherine’s Middle School while learning new skills in math, reading and studying.
    Grades: Rising 5-6 new to St. Catherine’s School
    Dates: July 29-Aug. 2, 2019; 8:45-11:45 a.m.
    Class Fee: $250
    Instructor: Rachel Stoller
  • Latin Ballet of Virginia Day Camp

    Discover dance while connecting various dance forms to Latin language and culture. Each camp includes classes in Latin dance, ballet, modern and hip-hop. Dance history, drums and percussion, arts, crafts and much more will also be explored. This unique program is taught by professional dancers and musicians who have years of performance and teaching experience to share with students. Each session culminates with a final student performance, based on international legends and myths.
    Ages: 5-14
    Half day: June 10-14, 2019; 9 a.m.-noon
    Class Fee: $250
    Full day: June 10-14, 2019; 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
    Class Fee: $350
  • LEGO Robotics Camp

    Build and design Robots using the LEGO EV3 system. Learn basic robotic engineering, programming principles and the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Robotics Invention system. Work together in small groups to design, build and program robots to complete missions.
    Grades: 4-6
    Session A: July 29-Aug 2, 2019; 8:45-11:45 a.m.
    Session B:Aug. 5-9, 2019;  8:45–11:45 a.m.
    Cost: $195
    Instructor: Susan Steenrod
  • Money Mindfulness

    Do you dream of being a brilliant budgeter, savvy spender, marvelous marketer and an enterprising entrepreneur? Have fun while learning important personal finance skills related to determining wants and needs, understanding budgeting and debt and developing small business ideas.
    Grades: 4-6
    Dates: July 8-12, 2019; 8:45-11:45 a.m.
    Class Fee: $220
    Instructor: Rachel Smalley
  • Mountain Biking Camps (Ages 8-13)

    St. Catherine’s and Virginia Outside have teamed up to offer one-week, all-day mountain biking camps. Students meet in the Maple Avenue parking lot and are transported to various locations in the James River Park System and surrounding wild spaces.
    Ages: 8-13
    Week One: June 24- 28, 2019; 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
    Week Two: July 29-Aug 2, 2019; 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
    Week Three: Aug, 5-9, 2019;  8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
    Week Four: Aug, 12-16, 2019;  8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
    Week Five: Aug.19-23, 2019;  8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
    Class Fee: $550
    Instructors: Virginia Outside Staff
  • National Treasure Hunt

    Feeling patriotic? Celebrate our nation with the ultimate treasure hunt. Unravel mysteries, crack clues, and decode cyphers to unlock the secrets to our nation’s history. Learn to solve a variety of complex coded puzzles as you delve deep into the symbols of our past. Who will be the first to claim the treasure?
    Grades: 4-6
    Dates: June 24-28,2019; 8:45-11:45 a.m.
    Class Fee: $220
    Instructors: Little Scholars
  • Outside Adventure Camp

    From fishing, to mountain biking, to tubing, to kayaking, to just looking under rocks in the river, we explore the natural environment of the James River Park System and other area parks. We create a safe time for the kids to be kids and enjoy time outside. Having fun, learning for themselves and seeing a progression of skill development are just some of the things students will acquire in the wonderful outdoor playground  that is the James River Park System. So put on your outdoor clothes, tie your shoes tight and prepare for some adventure and excitement.
    Grades: 4-8
    Dates: Aug. 5-9, 2019; 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
    Cost: $475
    Instructors: Virginia Outside Staff
  • Saints Basketball Camp

    Work with Coach Sherod on all aspects of the game: shooting, ball handling, passing, rebounding and defense. You will improve as a player and have fun!!
    Lead Instructor: Ed Sherod
    Grades: Rising 5-6, 7-8
    Dates: June 10-14, 2019
    Time: 9 a.m.-12 p.m. - Kenny Center
    Fee: $175
    Register online under "2019 Sports Camps"
  • Saints Volleyball Camp

    The Saints volleyball staff will teach you skill progressions and tactical strategies for all offensive and defensive positions on the court.
    Lead Instructor: Skip Weston
    Grades: Rising grades 5-6, 7-9
    Dates: June 10-14, 2019
    Time: 3 p.m. - 6 p.m. - Kenny Center Gym
    Fee: $175
    Register online under "2019 Sports Camps"
  • Singapore Math

    This class is designed to provide the foundation to Singapore Math through hands on activities and application of skills to problem solving. Only for students new to St. Catherine’s Lower School.
    Grades: Only New students to St. Catherine’s in rising grades 1-4
    Dates: July 29-Aug. 2, 2019; 12:45-3:45 p.m.
    Class Fee: $250
    Instructor: Katherine Applewhite
  • So You Want to Open a Bakery?

    Do you dream in dough?  Budding pastry chefs will be preparing cakes, cookies, tarts and drinks while learning the front and back of the house realities of running a successful bakery.  On Friday - students open the Sweets Shoppe to "sell" their wares to friends and families.
    Grades: 4-6
    Dates: July 15 - 19, 2019; 8:45 - 11:45 a.m
    Instructor : Edible Education
    Class Fee: $ 280
  • Study Skills

    Study Skills helps students become more effective and efficient learners. Daily activities focus on academic strategies related to goal setting, organization, time management, mental processing and retention, and assessment preparation. Students will build confidence and success while having fun.
    Grades: 4-6
    Dates: July 15-19, 2019; 8:45-11:45 a.m.
    Class Fee: $220
    Instructor: Rachel Smalley
  • Superhero Coders

    If you love everything games, computers and web, Superhero Coders is the program for you! Learn how to build a website in a hands-on, half-day summer coding program for students that are confident coders or in grades 4-6. In the first three days, you’ll learn programming terms, wireframing, HTML, CSS and JS basics. Then, you’ll put your knowledge to use during the final two days as you build your own personal website! Plus, we’ll provide follow-up instructions for the students (and parents) so they can continue learning and improving their website at home
    Grades: 4-6
    Dates: June 24 - 28, 2019 and July 15 - 19 2019; 8:45 - 11:45 a.m.
    Fee: $200
    Instructors: Superhero Coders
  • Top Dog Field Hockey Camp

    The session will provide instruction in skills needed to be successful at all levels. Athletes will have the opportunity to put those skills into action in game situations.
    Lead instructor: Don Warner
    Grades: Rising grades 4-6, 7-9
    Dates: June 10-13 (M-Th), 2019  
    Time: 4 p.m. - 7 p.m. - St. Catherine’s Fields in Goochland
    Fee: $175
    Register online under "2019 Sports Camps"

Design Your Day Camp

Design Your Day Camp - Rising Grades 4-6

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  • Acting Academy

    Do you enjoy playing different characters and performing for others? Whether you have never acted on stage before, or have lots of experience, this class will help you learn new skills as an actor as well as polish the ones you didn't know you already had!
    Instructor: Jane Mattingly
  • All Dolled Up (Session Two)

    Fads and trends come and go, but dolls remain one of the oldest and most loved toys for kids of all ages. Together we'll learn about different styles and types of dolls, from paper to potato to rag dolls, and craft a set of our own.
    Instructor: Rachel Rohr
  • American Sign Language

    Say something without ever speaking a word. Learn American Sign Language and investigate the culture that surrounds this language and the people who speak it.
    Instructor: Rebecca Sopher
  • Animal Houses

    Create miniature animals with Sculpey polymer clay and then create a house for them. Don’t forget to include furniture, furnishings and maybe even food!
    Instructor: Brigette Newberry
  • Artist Book

    Design and create your own artist book! Present a collection of your poems or short stories alongside your prints, paintings, photographs and collages.  Learn how to curate your work and bind it all together in a unique form. Techniques include paper folding, hand sewing, pamphlets, and more!
    Instructor: Meg Strickland
  • Asian Art Adventures

    Learn about China’s 5,000 years of technical and artistic achievements and create Chinese- inspired arts and crafts. Make lanterns, kites, dragons, masks and more.
    Instructor: Ming-hua Chang
  • Backyard Zoology

    The most amazing science begins in the backyard! Start by identifying and observing some of the simplest organisms and ending with the most advanced. Through discussions and observations, learn about habitats, life cycles and predator-prey relationships. 
    Class fee: $50
    Instructor: David Polak, Science Through the Eyes of a Child 
  • Ball Games

    Grades 2-3, 4-6
    The ball’s in your court as you learn basic skills for a wide variety of games with balls. Play classic games and games you’ve never played. Fun drills will improve ball-handling skills.
    Meagan Edwards, Leslie O’Neal
  • Band Works

    Let’s jam! Haven’t you always wanted to join? a band? Learn basic skills for a variety of individual instruments — and you choose the instruments. Experiment with the saxophone, trumpet, flute, clarinet, trombone or drums.
    No experience necessary
    Class fee: $25
    Instructor: Susan Davis
  • Basketball

    Here’s a chance to improve your basketball skills to enjoy the game more. Work on dribbling, passing, shooting, layups and ball handling, while improving motor skills, eye-hand coordination and team play. Girls and boys are both invited.
    Instructor: Leslie O’Neal
  • Brilliant Summer Live! (Session One)

    Do you love the sound of laughter and the exhilaration of applause? Then join the festivities with other campers who like to write and perform scripts — and who won’t be shy about showing what they can do!
    Instructor: Robbie Kinter
  • Candle Making: Beginner

    Candle making is an ancient art. Learn all the steps in this informative class, from melting, molding, rolling, dripping and dipping to painting, sticking, building and carving. Create candles of all shapes, sizes and scents.
    Instructor: Brigette Newberry
  • Center Stage Singers

    Start your summer of dancing and singing with your friends! Have a blast learning popular music and dance moves. Learn to read notated music, while practicing healthy vocal techniques, musical accuracy, expression and ensemble skills.
    Instructor: Staff
  • Ceramic Bowls

    Who doesn't want to create their own cereal bowl, candy bowl, or 'objet' to be treasured? Use the hand-building techniques: slab, drape and applique and create your own usable art.
    Instructor: Joel Moses
  • Ceramic Treasure Boxes

    Using the techniques of slab and applique, create a your own unique box with special designs on the surface. Then create a lid that fits this box. Finish with glazes that allow you to explore a range of colors and soon your masterpiece will be a treasure for all to see.
    Instructor: Joel Moses
  • Ceramic Vases

    Learn the basic hand-building processes as you coil, join, finish and finally glaze your own unique vases.
    Instructor: Joel Moses
  • Chess Blitz

    Engage in the basic tactics and strategies of chess. Learn about the game of kings and queens as you improve your chess playing through daily games and strategy sessions.
    Instructor: Championship Chess Staff
  • Chinese Language and Culture

    Experience a hands-on approach to the art, language and culture of ancient and modern China. Learn how to speak and write in Mandarin Chinese and use bamboo brushes to paint Chinese calligraphy. Also learn to count in Chinese and how to use a Chinese calculator called an “abacus.”
    Instructor: Ming-hua Chang
  • Christmas in July (Session One)

    Experience the joy of giving handmade gifts all year round. We’ll create a variety of gifts perfect for sharing and then print our own wrapping paper, cards and gift tags…and it's okay if you keep something for yourself.
    INstructor: Kitty Lane
  • Claymation

    Create your own movie using clay and photography. Learn how to sculpt small characters, write movie scripts, make sets and arrange photographs in video editing software to create a claymation.
    Instructor: Mae Berglas
  • Comedy Hour

    How many times have friends and family told you that you are so funny you should be on stage? It’s not as easy as it looks, but in this class get the support and inspiration needed to give it a try. Learn to synthesize improvisation, storytelling and acting to write and perform your own stand-up comedy routine or sketch show.
    Instructor: Jane Mattingly
  • Cool Chemistry

    Make things bubble, fizz, splatter and ooze. Learn about solids, liquids and gases and conduct experiments to grow crystals and produce slime.
    Class fee: $50
    Instructor: David Polak, Science Through the Eyes of a Child 
  • Crazy About Crochet

    Design and make many crocheted necklaces, earrings and friendship bracelets using silk cording and a variety of beads. Many colors will be available to spark your creativity.
    Instructor: Sarah Abernathie

  • Creative Bloggers

    Explore the digital side of writing through creative blogging. Join the blogging community on a secure, kid-friendly site where you and your peers can collaborate on and experiment with different types of writing.
    Instructor: Kimberlee Letourneau
  • D.I.Y. Spa!

    Step into a spa haven. Learn homemade recipes using essential oils and other natural ingredients commonly found in your garden or kitchen to create your own health, beauty & spa products. Make aromatherapy products such as relaxing bath salts & fizzies, cleansing face masks, moisturizing lip balms & hair masks, decorative hand soaps, therapeutic rice sacks and more!
    Materials fee: $15
    Instructor: Ashley Cogbill
  • Design-a-Bag

    Whether it is a tote bag, handbag, beach bag, or purse, bags are popular and essential to our everyday living.  Design and create your own one-of-a-kind bag out of fabric or recyclable objects using various crafting, sewing, or weaving techniques.
    Instructor: Caroline Seaman
  • Devised Theatre

    Based on work by the Dah Theatre Company from Serbia, the instructor will lead students on creating a new piece of Devised Theatre. Students will use activities, writing skills, and performance techniques to create a unique and different piece of devised theatre.
    Instructor: AaronWilloughby
  • Digital Photography

    Grades 4-6
    Learn the basics of holding the camera and selecting the proper modes. Experiment with framing, close-ups, composition and manual settings. All you need is a digital camera and the desire to take regular picture taking to the next level.
    Keith Browne
  • Drumming

    Create soundscapes of musical fun. Follow behind Robbie as he leads you to success in rhythm. Discover polyrhythms and syncopated beats and learn the skills and basic techniques of drumming and percussive music.
    Instructor: Robbie Kinter
  • Engineering Physics

    Physics is the study of forces and motion. Learn about gravity, friction, centrifugal force and rotational pull through hands-on experiences. Build bridges and test the load capacity. Engineer launchers and water rockets for flights up to 400 feet! You’ll soon see why physics is fun.
    Class fee: $50
    Instructor: David Polak, Science Through the Eyes of a Child 
  • Fabulous Flowers

    Grades 2-3, 4-6
    Do you love flowers? From ancient times to today, flowers have inspired famous artists all over the world. Create representations of flowers using a variety of media including printmaking, watercolors and sculptural paper techniques.
    Mary Beth Conley
  • Fashion Apprentice - Circle Skirts and Capes

    Who’s going to be the next fantastic fashion designer this summer? Get inspired at Brilliant Summer Fashion Institute Apprentice program where you will create a one of a kind garment with personalized textile design. The goal of this class is to develop visual design, construction and stitching skills. You will have the choice to make a circle skirt or cape in this workshop.
    Instructor: Maureen "Mo" Regulinski
  • Field Games

    Grades 4-6, 7-10
    Come play Ultimate Frisbee, Ultimate Football and capture the flag. Practice throwing and catching skills with the Frisbee and football, as well as learn offensive and defensive strategies. These fun, fast-paced games provide plenty of exercise.
    Meagan Edwards
  • Field Games and Ball Games

    Love sports but can’t decide which to take? This class will allow you to play many different sports you already like and maybe you’ll learn some new ones too!
    Instructor: Rebecca Sopher
  • Flute: Beginner

    Grades 2-3, 4-6
    Learn to play the flute, a well-beloved and beautiful instrument through the Suzuki method and the teacher’s own instructional style. Class fee: $25
    Susan Davis
  • For the Love of Animals (Session One)

    In this fun exploration of animals, we’ll learn interesting and fun facts about animals around the world. From the colorful frogs in the rainforest, to the barn owl in your backyard we will use animals as inspiration as we draw, bake, sew print, paint and collage our own animal creations.
    Instructor: Kitty Lane
  • Fun with Felt!

    Use new tools to turn colorful wool into a variety of soft and fuzzy artworks! Poke and prod your way to creating unique 2D and 3D artworks as you learn a new art style!
    Instructor: Mae Berglas
  • Go Figure (Session Two)

    Do you think you can't draw people? This class will silence that doubt as you build skills and gain confidence. We'll learn several ways to draw people and create a 3-D sculpture too.
    Instructor: Rachel Rohr
  • Graphic Novel Know-How

    Do you love to draw? Do you love to write? If you answered yes to both questions, then you'll love making your own graphic novel. Graphic novels blend text and art to create a story line. In this class, you'll have access to a variety of graphic novels to spark your creativity. You'll learn about different drawing techniques and layouts as well as how to add text to your graphic novel. Join us and see where your imagination can take you!
    Instructor: Kimberlee Letourneau
  • Green Screen Movie Machine

    Put yourself in the movies! Using a green-screen and iMovie, we’ll build and inhabit our own creative video worlds. Paint scenery, design foreground and background imagery and tell stories starring yourself and fellow campers in whatever wild world you can imagine.
    Instructor: Caroline Seaman
  • Guitar: Beginner

    Guitar is one of the most popular instruments to play. Start with the fundamentals and then learn to read tablature, play chords and soon be playing songs. 
    No experience required.
    Class fee: $25
    Instructor: Rusty Farmer
  • Guitar: Intermediate

    Grades 6-10
    Build on your previous guitar experience by learning new chords and songs. Examine the guitar’s role in popular music by listening and playing. Class fee: $25
    Instructor: Rusty Farmer
  • Gymnastics

    Few sports develop strength, flexibility and coordination the way gymnastics does. Work on tumbling skills and floor exercises, vaulting, rope climbing and balance beam.
    Instructor: Gail Kingrey
  • Hogwarts Adventure

    Take a ride on the Hogwarts Express for three weeks during day camp. Get sorted into a house, complete with Harry Potter crafts and activities and compete for the Hogwarts House Cup.
    Instructor: Joyce Tzavellas
  • In Bloom (Session Two)

    Calling all flower lovers! Over the course of our 3 week session, you will craft your choice of a wreath or mobile using handmade paper flowers and foliage. We'll learn a variety of techniques and construction methods to create a stunning floral masterpiece that will remain in bloom for years to come.
    Instructor: Rachel Rohr
  • Jammin’ on the James (3 Periods)

    Climb, fish, float, hike, hammer, paddle, paint, snorkel and swim as you explore the James River and James River parks, guided by a naturalist, a historian and a wildlife photographer. Investigate plants, mammals, birds, bugs, fish and reptiles and learn about the river and how to enjoy it safely and with respect.
    Class Fee: $65
    Instructor: Staff
  • Just Jump!

    Grades 3, 4-6
    Jump into this fun, challenging, heart-healthy class and learn single rope skills, double dutch, partner tricks and long rope games. Jumpers will learn to jump double unders, criss cross, rope releases and so much more! No experience necessary.
    Gail Kingrey
  • Karate

    Be part of a fast-paced modern martial arts curriculum led by masters from The Budo Center. Learn basic punches, blocks and combination moves that help build coordination, strength and flexibility. Practice self-control and gain confidence while displaying a positive attitude about yourself and others.
    Instructor: Pamela Justice, The Budo Center
  • Knitting for Beginners

    Learn the lifelong skill and pleasure of knitting with master knitter Betsy Manson. Create a sweater for a favorite stuffed animal or a scarf for yourself. Basic techniques you will learn are cast-on and purl.
    Class fee: $25
    Instructor: Betsy Manson
  • Knitting: Intermediate

    Master the basics of knitting, purling and putting together a finished product. Learn how to make a colorful sock monkey.
    Class fee: $25
    Instructor: Betsy Manson
  • Knitting: Intermediate - Advanced

    If you already know how to cast-on, knit and purl, then apply your skills to create a finished product. Learn to use double-pointed needles and knit socks in the round.  
    Class fee: $25
    Instructor: Betsy Manson
  • Lyrical Dance

    Let the song’s lyrics inspire personal artistry and creativity. Dancers learn to tell the story of the music through their movements in this fusion of ballet and jazz.
    Instructor: Ashley Wyatt
  • Magic Prints (Session Two)

    Experiment with a variety of printmaking techniques including rubbings, stamps, stencils and monotypes. Create prints with vibrant textures and bold colors appearing magically before your eyes!
    Instructor: Dana Morris
  • Mash-up Book

    Grades 4-6, 7-10
    Part journal, part scrapbook- a mash-up book is all about you! Write, doodle, draw, design, color, and paste on the pages of your smash book. Get inspired with tons of examples or think of your own ideas—it's up to you! You don't need to be an artist or an author to enjoy making a mash-up book.
    Kimberlee Letourneau
  • Mosaic Madness

    An exciting class full of broken bits, glue, grout and gook. We will mosaic like mad as we decorate clocks, mirrors, flower pots, frames and more!
    Instructor: Sarah Abernathie
  • Ms. Mo’s Cooking Show

    Cooking is art you can eat! Learn basic recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner and then watch yourself on the “Brilliant Summer Food Network”. We will learn basic cooking, baking, and food preparation skills while archiving class videos to share. Recipes will include (but not limited to): omelets, biscuits, pesto and skillet chicken & rice.
    Instructor: Maureen "Mo" Regulinski
  • Musical Theatre

    Experience the world of musical theatre by working on the three areas of musical theatre: acting, singing & dance. We will also learn focus, concentration & collaboration as an ensemble.
    Instructor: Staff
  • Nature Journaling

    Grades4-10 New!
    Sketch and explore the marvels of nature. Using nature journals and botanical illustration as references, we’ll spend the class drawing and writing outdoors. Learn to identify different plants and animals.
    Gina Wojtysiak
  • Origami for Everybody

    Welcome beginners and returning friends. The Asian art of paper folding is an ancient art form, but it’s as fun today as ever. Fold flat squares of paper into incredible three-dimensional shapes!
    Instructor: Ming-hua Chang
  • Paint Your Pet (Session Two)

    Bring a photo of your favorite pet and learn how to paint a colorful, lively acrylic portrait. Explore the process of gridding a photo and canvas, creating a composition and applying paint to produce a finished pet portrait.
    Instructor: Dana Morris
  • Papermaking and Bookbinding

    Books come in a many unique shapes an sizes! Learn to fold and sew different styles of books. We'll fill them with unique art, stories and paper that you'll learn to make yourself!
    Instructor: Mae Berglas
  • Papier-Mâché Works

    Paper and glue...who knew? Get a little messy with papier-mâché. Come create a menagerie of amazing three-dimensional sculptures. You’ve never had so much fun with old newspaper.
    Instructor: Laura van Bylandt
  • Photography I

    Take snapshots with a prototype pinhole camera, as well as use any type of point-and- shoot camera to take pictures all around the St. Catherine’s campus. Learn how to artfully hand- color photographs. Class Fee: $15
    Instructor: Keith Browne
  • Photojournalism

    Photograph, write, collect, edit and publish pictures and stories to report on Brilliant Summer’s news and events.
    Instructor: Kimberlee Letourneau
  • Piano: Beginner

    Come and learn the fundamentals of playing the piano. Begin with pre-reading activities and move to a more complicated material as music reading ability develops.
    No experience required.
    Class Fee $10
    Instructor: Susan Davis
  • Playwriting

    Calling all creative writers, or those with big imaginations. Do you picture interesting characters and situations in your mind, that you would love to see leap right off the page? Learn to write your own scripts for the stage, and maybe even see them come to life in a camp performance!
    Instructor: Jane Mattingly
  • Poetry & Puzzles

    Do you like puzzles or patterns? Harness the power of rhyme by playing with puzzles! Explore wordplay with puns, palindromes, spoonerisms, and learn other fun tongue twisting tools.
    Instructor: Meg Strickland
  • Pom-Pom Construction

    Love to make pom poms? In this class we will make pom poms and then many, many things with pom poms including: rugs, animals, purses, key chains and more!
    Instructor: Brigette Newberry
  • Power Jump Rope

    Take a jump rope class that challenges your athletic ability. Focus on single-rope skills, double dutch, rapid fire games, partner tricks and gymnastics moves to develop intermediate and advanced jump rope skills. Previous jump rope experience recommended.
    Instructor: Gail Kingrey
  • Printer's Paradise

    Roll up your sleeves and let's start printing!  We’ll begin with the basics, and then explore all the surprising and expressive possibilities found in the art of printmaking. We’ll have opportunities to try a variety of printmaking methods including: resist printing, monoprint, collography, linoleum printing, marbling, stamp and sponge printing.
    Instructor: Kitty Lane
  • So You Think You Can Dance?

    So you want to make up your own dances? Now’s your chance. Work individually as well as collaboratively to choreograph dances that will be shared at the end of the session.
    Instructor: Ashley Wyatt
  • Stage Combat Basics

    Learn safety skills, warm-up techniques, terminology, and basic skills in regards to stage combat.  Explore unarmed combat, principles of stage combat, and important safety rules to follow when performing stage violence.
    Instructor: Aaron Willoughby
  • Street Jazz

    It’s a little bit of jazz, a little bit of hip-hop and a whole lotta fun! Come move, groove, shake and bounce in this high-energy dance class.
    Instructor: Ashley Wyatt
  • Strings Rock!

    Think only guitarists can rock? Think again! Strings students will learn rock and popular songs. Open to students with at least one year of experience on their instrument: violin, viola, cello or bass.
    Instructor: Sharla Gordon
  • Summer Science and STEM

    Use concepts from areas of science, technology, engineering, art and math to solve everyday problems!  We'll practice our STEAM skills by designing and testing tall towers, strong bridges, egg-drop safety devices and more.
    Instructor: Joyce Tzavellas
  • Swimming: Advanced

    Want to become a competitive swimmer? Master the four competitive strokes and develop swimming endurance. Participate in a variety of relays and games and dive into the knowledge needed to be a junior lifeguard.
    Instructors: Kemper Gibson and Madalyn Nuckols
  • Swimming: Beginner

    Learn basic strokes and how to float. Dive and participate in a variety of water games and contests. Of course water safety and pool rules are taught and always emphasized.
    Instructors: Kemper Gibson and Madalyn Nuckols
  • Swimming: Intermediate

    If you can keep yourself afloat and feel comfortable in the water then this is the class for you. Work on stroke technique and participate in a variety of games. Water safety rules will be emphasized.
    Instructor: Kemper Gibson and Madalyn Nuckols
  • Team Challenges

    Test yourself and match wits with others as you take part in team challenges, stunts, tumbling and rope activities. Strengthen both mind and body, and learn the importance of working with others to reach a common goal.
    Instructor: Leslie O’Neal
  • To Dye For

    Release your inner hippie!  Create groovy clothing using advanced tie-dye techniques and methods. In addition, explore other dyeing art forms (no pun intended!) including silk painting.
    Instructor: Ashley Cogbill
  • Ukulele

    Aloha! The ukulele is becoming one of today’s most popular instruments for all ages. It’s easy to carry and play. Learn to read tablature, chords and songs.
    No experience required.
    Class fee: $25
    Instructor: Rusty Farmer
  • Video Game Theatre

    Video Game Theatre is a hands-on and fun approach to bridge theatre techniques with stories and characters found in video games.  Students will use theatre games and activities along with Devised Theatre skills in creating a new work of theatre and video games.
    Instructor: AaronWilloughby
  • Violin 1

    Grades 2-3, 4-6
    Learn the basics of playing the violin in a fun group setting. This class is for beginners only. Performance is optional. Class fee: $25
    Sharla Gordon
  • Violin 2

    Grades 2-3, 4-6
    Did you take Violin 1 last year or did you play the violin a few years ago and need a refresher class? Violin 2 is for you! Brush up on the basics of playing the violin and expand on your skills. There is an optional performance at the end of each session. Class fee: $25
    Sharla Gordon
  • Voice Lessons

    Whether you want to sing for enjoyment, school plays, chorus or auditions, this class will help you reach your full potential. Learn proper breathing, posture, tone production, intonation, diction, phrasing and ear training and you will gain confidence and consistency in your singing.
    Instructor: Staff
  • Volleyball

    Learn the rules and strategies of this popular sport. Through drills and games, learn to serve, pass, volley and block and set and smash the ball.
    Instructor: Leslie O’Neal
  • Watercolor Techniques

    Dive into watercolor to explore wet on wet, dry brushing, resist and mixed media techniques. Learn traditional and experimental watercolor techniques in this exciting class.
    Instructor: Laura van Bylandt
  • Weaving: Intermediate

    Grades 4-6 and 7-10
    Come "warp" and "weft" again! If you already know a little about the weaving process let's continue with new projects, new ways to weave and additional weaving materials.
    Kitty Lane
  • Whimsical Fairy Cottages

    Enter the magical realm of garden fairies. Design and build a whimsical cottage using recycled cardboard, hot glue, and tons of natural floral materials and beautiful craft supplies.  Decorate the home inside and out including the yard and landscape. Be enchanted by the natural world!
    Class Fee: $15
    Instructor: Ashley Cogbill

  • Who Dunnit?

    Become a junior forensic scientist and learn how to solve a crime. Make observations, dust for fingerprints and analyze crime scene data to find out who dunnit? Try to stump your classmates by creating your own crime scenario.
    Instructor: Joyce Tzavellas