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COVID-19 Update

December 9, 2020

Dear Families,
We were very pleased with the response to last summer’s “Brilliant Summer from a Distance” — virtual academic and enrichment classes. We are proud of our resilience and the fact that we did not close, we stayed current, broke new ground and maintained our presence in the community. Our innovative teachers developed new courses that allowed girls and boys to connect virtually and to continue exploring throughout the summer months. 

I wish I could tell you that COVID-19 is behind us and we will be back on campus this coming summer, but the truth is we still don't know. Traditionally we open registration for our summer camps and classes early in February. We will push back the registration for Summer 2021 to take place in early March in hopes that we will have a clearer understanding of summer restrictions by then. We are currently making plans for in-person academic and enrichment classes that could easily change over to virtual if necessary. 

If we are able to schedule in-person camps and classes for the summer we will likely be unable to gather in large groups. “Brilliant Summer from a Distance 2020” revealed to us that some for-credit classes actually work quite well virtually. The distance learning format allows more students to enroll in the class without the concern of gathering in large numbers. Distance learning also allows the convenience of students participating from home or even while on vacation. Therefore, the for-credit classes World Religions and Health will take place in a virtual format regardless of restrictions. 

We appreciate your interest and support of Brilliant Sumer and hope that you will continue to check back for updates.

Lewis James
Director, Brilliant Summer

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