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COVID-19 Update

Brilliant Summer from a Distance 2021 registration is now open! 
We will offer virtual academic and enrichment courses for summer 2021. 

These offerings are available for girls and boys ages 3 and up: 

Virtual Camps: a blended model of synchronous real-time learning with a teacher and a group of students with asynchronous independent activities plus short breaks. See all of the options

In addition, we offer these additional opportunities for St. Catherine's new and returning students:

Back-To-School Camps: one-week sessions in August for new and returning St. Catherine's students. See all of the options.  

Sports Camps: offered on campus for new and returning St. Catherine's students with COVID-19 protocols in place. Read more.

For-credit Upper School Summer Classes: classes for girls in rising grades 9-12 — a great way to get ahead and free up your academic schedule for the regular school year. See all of the options. 

Contact Lewis James, Director of Brilliant Summer 

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Upcoming Dates

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  • Art Foundation begins (In-Person)

    This is a basic foundation class designed to introduce students to art concepts and various types of media and techniques in the planning, design and production of works of art. Students will be introduced to two-dimensional media. Through a series of lectures, demonstrations and exercises, students will be exposed to formal and design elements. The student will be encouraged to start developing a critical eye and an idea of how the creative process works. Sketchbook assignments and critiques will be part of the course. No prerequisite.
    Grades: Rising grades 9-11
    Dates: June 7 - 25, M-F, 1:30 - 5:30 p.m.
    Cost: $890
    Location: In-person Art Room
    Instructor: Diego Sanchez
  • Ethics in Context begins (Virtual)

    This is a joint religion and service-learning class. The class will examine the foundations of ethics, examine current moral issues facing our Richmond community and work in the community to learn from a hands-on experience of service. Students will examine classical ethical frameworks such as the social contract, utilitarianism, various concepts of justice. This class will examine parts of the racial and socioeconomic history of the city of Richmond as a way to engage current social issues facing the city. 

    The course will be a blend of distance learning and face-to-face service work. The majority of the student work will be distance learning. Students will have synchronous and asynchronous class meetings and assignments. The expectation is that students are available from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.
    Note: Due to the nature of the current COVID-19 situation facing our country, the expectations surrounding the service component may shift. If the pandemic does not change, then the teacher will work with students to help them complete their service projects at a later date. If possible, the students will complete their service work in the class schedule. This will meet the Upper School service-learning requirement. 

    Grades: Rising grades 10-12
    Dates: June 7 - 25, M-F, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
    Location: Virtual
    Cost: $750
    Instructor: Drew Johnson and Jennifer Harper 
  • Health Class begins (Virtual)

    This course completes the Health requirement for graduation from St. Catherine's. The first half of the course focuses on a broad range of topics related to mental health and wellness and addiction. Areas of study include: the teen brain, stress and anxiety, eating disorders, depression, suicidality, vaping/e-cigarettes, alcohol awareness and drug use. The ultimate goal is for students to apply what they learn in health class to the real world, using their knowledge to make healthy lifestyle choices and low-risk decisions in everyday life. The second half of the course focuses on a broad range of topics related to human sexuality and healthy relationships. Areas of study include identifying signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships, dating abuse, affirmative consent, sexual assault awareness, abstinence education, contraception, STIs, male & female reproductive systems, reproduction and teen pregnancy. 

    Grades: Rising grades 10-12
    Dates: June 7 - 25, M-F, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
    Location: Virtual
    Cost: $890
    Instructors: Tiffany Bernstein and Alexa Anderson
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