Environmental Stewardship

St. Catherine's is committed to environmental sustainability initiatives. We are executing an aggressive environmental stewardship strategy to cut costs that lower the base cost of operations without impacting teaching and learning.

Community Garden

Our Community Garden, located at 5902 Grove Avenue, continues to grow into an interactive place for our girls to learn. Various classes use and school groups utilize the garden as part of their curriculum, as well as garden clean up days and donating harvested crops to local organizations in need. 

Solar Energy

St. Catherine’s first solar array was installed December of 2012 with subsequent additional arrays added in recent years. St. Catherine's is the largest recipient of Dominion Power’s solar rebate program incentive for reducing the electrical grid demand.

Compressed Natural Gas 

St. Catherine's has several Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses and continues to add more CNG buses to the fleet. Our on-campus CNG fueling station is one of only 25 CNG fueling stations across the Commonwealth of Virginia and the only one located at an educational institution in Virginia. For these efforts, the City of Richmond awarded St. Catherine's the 2016 Innovation Award in recognition of the advancement and promotion of clean energy. 

Impressive Results

Our 3 solar arrays (600+ panels) electricity production to date interesting facts:
  • Providing electricity to 65 average households for a year OR
  • Powering the Rockefeller Christmas tree nightly for 58 years (21,157 nights) OR
  • Powering a Cloud Data Center for 22 days OR
  • Charging:
  • 29,620 electric cars OR
  • 131,511,320 Smart Phones (equates to 40% of the U.S. Population)
  • Environmental Impact:
  • 427 Tons of CO2 Emissions were avoided AND
  • The consumption of 62,770 gallons was avoided

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