Parents: Please enter your email address on the next screen. Going forward, Blackbaud ID will allow you access to SaintsNet.

If you experience difficulty
The privacy settings on your browser may be a contributing factor to sign-in problems. Safari browser versions of iOS and on a MAC may need to adjust the setting called ‘Cross-site Tracking’. This article may help you adjust your browser settings: Browser Settings

Questions? please email Jim Robb at

If you are a parent of a student at St. Christopher's School, you will use the same credentials to sign-in at St. Christopher's School. As you switch from one school to another you may get a message "Oops, something went wrong.", use the link "Use a different Blackbaud ID." This will let you sign-out of the first school and into the second school with your same Blackbaud ID.

Students, faculty and staff: Please use your full email address then click Next. Upper School students will use their email address to access St. Catherine's and St. Christopher's SaintsNet.

Questions? please email Jim Robb at or Mike Cockerham at