Environmental Stewardship

St. Catherine’s has installed three solar arrays for a total of 600 solar panels. Two solar arrays are on the Kenny Center and one array is on the roof of McCue Hall, which houses the Lower School.
St. Catherine’s first solar array has been in operation since December of 2012 with subsequent additional arrays added in later years. These three solar arrays have generated more than 339,044,792 kWh as of October 2016. That energy production avoided the creation of 133 tons of CO2 emissions and has produced enough electricity to charge over 41 million smart phones.

St. Catherine's is the largest recipient of Dominion Power’s solar rebate program incentive for reducing the electrical grid demand.

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Recent Environmental Intiatives

  • Automatic touchless faucets have been installed throughout much of the campus. Savings are estimated at over 300,000 gallons of water per year.
  • A campus-wide energy audit has been completed and an implementation strategy has been executed to reduce major energy consumption. The legacy central heating plant replacement is the first priority and the project is underway; it will be followed by the replacement of  the campus chiller plant.
  • LED lights installed in the Dining Hall, Bacot gallery walls and other selected locations.
  • LED light testing on the exterior post lamps and in the office lighting areas for possible deployment throughout the School. These replacement LED lights are U.S. made, guaranteed for 25 years and use about a quarter of the energy of efficient fluorescent lights. Payback is anticipated in fewer than 18 months.
  • Energy costs last year were significantly less than the prior year as the full impact of our conservation and energy efficiency strategies are realized.
  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles: St. Catherine's School has installed CNG refueling equipment on-campus to service and has added to our current fleet of four CNG vehicles. We believe we are the only school in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the only Independent School in the country with a CNG fleet.
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