Charitable Lead Trusts


This type of trust can drastically lower the tax on the transfer of your assets to loved ones. 

To create a lead trust: 
    1. You place income-producing property in a trust, which pays a certain level of income to charities for a defined time period.
    2. At the end of the time period, the contents of the trust pass to your family, or other beneficiaries.  Any increase  in the property's value while in trust normally escapes estate tax. 

Lead trusts are designed to provide tax benefits rather than income for individuals.
Unlike charitable remainder trusts, lead trusts cannot sell assets free of capital gain tax.
One should consider a lead trust only if one is not likely to need the income from the trust assets.
This website presents general information only and should not construed as legal financial, accounting, or other professional advice. Please seek professional assistance to determine how any giving approach discussed here might impact your situation.

Creating a charitable remainder trust will make you a member of The Arcade Society.

Questions? To Learn More...

• Contact Deborah A. Dunlap '70, Director of Development, who can provide more information, including an illustration of a particular CRT with term, rate and other features chosen by you,  
• Contact your attorney for professional advice beyond the scope of the school’s planned giving outreach program.
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