Charitable Gift Annuities

Many friends of St. Catherine’s School have used a Charitable Gift Annuity to give to the School, while securing a lifetime income in return, balancing their own needs with their desire to strengthen St. Catherine's.

A Charitable Gift Annuity is a contract exchanging cash or securities for the guarantee of the St. Catherine’s School Foundation to make fixed quarterly payments as long as the annuitant(s) live(s). They are also a wonderful way to share property with the School to support its work. Gift annuities funded with appreciated stock will avoid tax on the capital gain, turning the appreciated property into a gift for the School and income for you. 

Gift Annuities may be established with gifts of cash or securities valued at $10,000 or more and may be set up to make payments to either one or two people.  Gift annuity payments are fixed, based upon the age of the annuitant(s) when the gift annuity is issued. The older the annuitant(s) is(are), the higher the fixed percentage payment rate will be. 

A Charitable Gift Annuity is a gift with many tax benefits: 
  • an immediate and significant charitable deduction from income tax, as provided by law;
  • avoidance of capital gains tax on appreciated property transferred in exchange for the annuity;
  • stable, substantial income backed by the assets of the St. Catherine’s School Foundation, and
  • a major gift that will perpetuate the School’s mission, and your support for it.
This website presents general information only and should not construed as legal financial, accounting, or other professional advice. Please seek professional assistance to determine how any giving approach discussed here might impact your situation.
“With a gift annuity, I got paid for giving!” says Mary Leavell Jerman Tompkins '38.
Want to see how she did it? Contact Deborah A. Dunlap '70, Director of Development, at 804-281-7141 or email Debbie can illustrate for you a gift annuity based upon gift amount and other facts specified by you.
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