Richmond Alumnae Board


Richmond Board of the Ellett-St. Catherine's Alumnae Association 2017-2018

The purpose of the Richmond Chapter is to promote interest in and understanding of St. Catherine's School and its educational value to the community through active alumnae participation, to strengthen relations between the school and the alumnae, to promote a spirit of service and fellowship among members, and to render assistance, as needed and as our resources allow, to the Alumnae and Development Office and other offices of the School. The Richmond Chapter is an active and vital volunteer organization in terms of fundraising and other volunteer efforts.

President: Rendall Harris '96
Vice President/President-Elect: Ibbie Hedrick Britton '00
Secretary: Britt Childs Staley ‘01 
Treasurer: Molly Trice '99


Hunter Blair '08
Dani Hoover Cutler '05
Anne Garland '09
Lang Robertson Liebman '98
Abbey Lyerly Moring '90
Lizzie Harris Oglesby '99
Katie Burnett Peple '99
Van Scherer Ruffner '95
Kira Siddall ’98
Tovia Martirosian Smith '98
Liz Pratt Stephens '04
Sara Chapman Waechter '97
Megan Gross White '00

Past President: Carrie Featherstone Hoge '93
Sustainer: (10+ years of service)
Lindsay Bowen Adamson '93
Beth Irby Beale '76
Liz Williams Bisset '78
Amy Bice de Venoge '87
Christy Amrhein Feiler '88
Kathleen Will Mackey '78
Karrie Burnham Southall '94
    • Richmond Chapter 2014-2015
6001 Grove Avenue | Richmond, Virginia 23226 | (p) 804.288.2804 |  (f) 804.285.8169
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