• Dee Dee Butler Sutton

      Dee Dee Butler Sutton '76 with her family

2016 The Adelaide Rawles Flippen ’30 Outstanding Service Award

Dee Dee Butler Sutton ’76

Dee Dee Butler Sutton ’76 came to St. Catherine’s as a boarder from Chase City, Va. in the fall of 1973.  By the time she carried the Daisy Chain in 1976, she had won the heart of a St. Christopher’s boarder to whom she has been married since 1980.  Dee Dee has a way of capturing hearts because she lives her senior quote from the 1976 Quair: 

Either do not attempt at all, or go through with it. 

For the last 40 years Dee Dee has “gone through with” an unhesitant commitment of her time and talent on behalf of St. Catherine’s.  She has served the School on the Board of Governors, as head of the Development committee; President of the Ellett- National Alumnae Board; member of the Boarding Alumnae Advisory Committee; member of Head Search Committee Advisory Group; Parents’ Association President; Chair of Daisy Days; Annual Fund Chair for Alumnae, Annual Fund Chair for Past Parent and Friend; Annual Fund Volunteer since the 1990s; and as a Capital Campaign Volunteer, on the most recent Campaign Steering Committee.

In addition to all of her official roles and titles, Dee Dee has hosted and attended gatherings for alumnae, parents and faculty.  She has travelled with the Alumnae & Development office, served on Reunion planning committees for her class and helped with countless other volunteer tasks.  In short, Dee Dee has devoted herself to just about every possible cause and constituent of St. Catherine’s. 
Whether you are a boarding or day alumna, a classmate, a parent or a friend, chances are the work Dee Dee has cheerfully and unreservedly done for decades has impacted you as well as St Catherine’s in a positive way.  

Outstanding Service Award

The Adelaide Rawles Flippen '30 Outstanding Service Award was created in 1994 to honor that individual (not necessarily an alumna) who shows an outstanding level of commitment and service to St. Catherine's School. The recipient will have spent a great deal of productive time, energy and thought in helping the school on a particular project or will have demonstrated continuing dedication to St. Catherine's over many years. This award will probably not be given to a present school employee. The presentation of the award normally takes place at Graduation.

Recipients of the Adelaide Rawles Flippen '30 Outstanding Service Award are:

Dee Dee Butler Sutton '76


Lucy Stockdell, former Head of the Dance Department and founder of the summer program

Jean Cameron Grainger ’66


Katherine MacNaughton Whitney '75


Elizabeth Cabell Jennings '81

Margaret and Dave Bloor

Lang and Molly Gayle Meem '73, past parents; volunteers

Jackie Wilkins, Teacher of History, Political Science, Economics, Geography, Director of Admissions, Director of Middle School, Assistant Head of School

Cal and George Jennison, current parents; volunteers; George, member of Board of Governors


Gussie Bannard ’73, Head of  School

Susan Pfefferkorn ’73, President, Ellett Alumnae Board; member; Board of Governors, co-head of WEB Spinners Boarding Alumnae Group

Annabel Morgan Edge ’64, past parent; Chair, Board of Governors

Bill Armstrong, Business Manager

Mert Jones, past parent; Maintenance and Engineering staff

Jack Kenny, past parent and volunteer

Virginia Jones, Alumnae Secretary; School Archivist

Frances Brown, Head of Housekeeping 1963-2000
Peggy Ross, Head of Middle School

Wesley Wright, Jr., past parent, Governor Emeritus

Mason New (awarded posthumously), past parent, Board of Governors

Dixon Christian, faculty

Ted Price, past parent, Board of Governors

Betty Molster, past parent, board of Governors Chair

Cabell Goolsby West '64, volunteer
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