2017 Distinguished Alumna Award

Jane Hyde Williams ’67
Think back to what corporate America and, particularly, the financial world looked like in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  While we may enjoy seeing this era through the lens of Mad Men, the reality was much harder.  It was an “old boy” network and investments were frequently discussed on the golf course and in men’s clubs – places that did not include women.  Furthermore, clients were certainly not handed to women who were expected to marry and retire from this experiment called “having a career.”
It was in this environment that our 2017 Distinguished Alumna Award recipient, Jane Hyde Williams ’67, first found herself.  It was not an easy path, but and with courage and determination she persevered.  Now, 40 years later, we honor one of our own who has become one of the most successful investment advisors in our country.  It took not only great skill and intellect but also courage, tenacity and determination to continue. Despite the doors that did not open to her initially, Jane persisted and ultimately founded her own firm.  Today, Jane is recognized as an expert for her work with individuals – particularly women -- in financial transition. 
Jane is chair and co-founder of Sand Hill Global Advisors, an investment firm in San Francisco that focuses on long-term growth and capital appreciation with significant assets under management and a history of outstanding, comprehensive service to their clients.   Her commitment to the field of finance has not gone unnoticed, as she has received a number of accolades including:  Top Women Financial Advisors by Barron’s; Top 50 Women in Wealth; one of the 100 Most Influential Women in Business in San Francisco and Silicon Valley; and the Charles Schwab IMPACT Leadership Award.  She has also received the Bay Area Athena Award, which honors female business leaders who use their talent and influence to inspire other women.
Jane has also been very active in many non-profit organizations including the University of California-Santa Barbara Foundation, Overcoming Barriers and Ravenswood Family Health Center, where she is a member of the Advisory Board.
To quote one of her classmates, “Jane built her business not only with her mind but also with her sincerity, her heart, and with her spirit that is dedicated to the service of others.” It is a true honor to recognize Jane Hyde Williams with the 2017 Distinguished Alumna Award. 

Distinguished Alumna Award

The Distinguished Alumna Award was established by the Ellett-St. Catherine’s Alumnae Association in 1969 to honor, annually, an alumna who has helped to make her city, state or world a better place by giving of her talents in the true spirit of the school motto: What we keep, we lose; only what we give remains our own. The award is intended to honor a St. Catherine’s alumna who has distinguished herself in her field, either as a professional or as a community volunteer, and who is an outstanding example of what one can achieve when grounded in the St. Catherine’s experience.  

From suffragists, dramatists, artists and writers to preservationists, ministers, lawyers, doctors and entrepreneurs, St. Catherine’s distinguished alumnae from every decade have exemplified the school motto through their good works and generous spirit around the world.

Two handsome plaques displayed in the living room of Miss Jennie’s house are engraved with the names and classes of all the Distinguished Alumna Award recipients since the award was established in 1969.

Jane Hyde Williams 1967

Louise Jenkins Maybank 1956


Margaret "Mimsy" wood Jones 1955
Anne "Panny" Gregory Rhodes 1960

Kimberly Lichtenberg 1994
Katherine Short Clarke 1949

Meridith Leigh Rentz 1988

Helen Turner Murphy 1952
Mary Zayde (“Bucci”) Rennolds Zeugner 1977

Geline Bowman Williams 1941
Liz Gilbert 1986

Ann Reeves Reed 1950


Louise Lewis Foster 1959
Elizabeth McMillan Hagood 1979

Dina Farley Foster 1983

Sally Womack Hruska 1957
Betty Baugh Harrison 1977

Sally Walden Wieland 1956

Frances Johnson Lee-Vandell 1960

Kate Harwood Gooch 1959
Nathalie Ward 1969

Janet Patton Lewis 1938
Dorothy Robertson Parrish 1938

Anne Stanley Chatham 1937

Betty Bowe Wallace Hendrix 1946
Sally James Michel 1956

Penny Baldwin Williams 1955

Gene Davidson Dahmen 1959
Gene Brumfield Edmunds 1959

Ada Gaye Gregory 1988

Margaret Davison Block 1950

Eliza Scott Nevin 1966

Pamela Tucker 1966

Minnie Bassett Lane 1949
Jane Bassett Spilman 1949

Ella Prince Trimmer Knox 1952

Pocahontas Wight Edmunds 1921

Anne Whitfield Kenny 1951

Jean Staples Showalter 1930
Margaret Ferguson Gibson 1962
Caroline Armistead Riely 1962

Viola Hubbard Woolfolk 1939

Mary Tyler Freeman Cheek 1933

Lee Smith 1963
Elizabeth Davenport Hayter 1948
Carolyn Buhrman Nettleton 1941

Molly Haskell 1957
Carolyn McCue Osteen 1960
Mary Allen McCue (Honorary) 1959

Fanny Graves Crenshaw 1908
Annie Leigh Hobson Broughton 1926
Cynthia Ann Billings 1950

Mary Caperton Bingham 1923
Florence Turner McCullough 1940
Vienna Cobb Anderson 1953

Anna Hill Johnstone Robinson 1930
Fortunata Sydnor Trapnell Vanderschmidt 1947
Katharine Kniskern Mather 1932

Frances Laughlin Wadsworth 1927
Elinor Fry Phillips 1920
Edith O’Keefe Susong 1909
Nancy Langhorne Cone 1944

Adele Clark 1901
Mary Wingfield Scott 1913
Natalie McFaden Blanton 1913
Emma Gray White Trigg 1909

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