2017 Distinguished Young Alumna Award

Darley Newman ’97
Darley Newman ’97 had a vision to combine two of her dearest loves:  travel and horses.   Her zeal to pursue these twin passions led her to create, host and produce her first award-winning PBS series, Equitrekking, which she launched in 2007 at the age of 28.  It is now seen by millions of viewers in over 65 countries. Darley credits her time as a boarder at St. Catherine’s for instilling in her a love for travel and adventure.  Her first international trip was enjoyed with friends from St. Catherine’s and the seed was planted for a lifelong journey to see the world and to share it with others.
With Equitrekking, Darley takes us with her on her travels to discover history, the majesty of nature, diverse cultures and eco-friendly adventures with the locals. Most can only dream of seeing these places in person, so Darley brings the experience into our homes for all to enjoy. In addition to national parks, ranches, and various scenic spots all over the U.S., Darley has had some wild adventures in Botswana, in the rain forest in Belize, on the edge of a crater in Maui, in the Wadi Desert in Jordan and in the lava fields in Iceland.  Darley has become THE expert for equestrian travel that is exotic, challenging, life-changing and awe-inspiring!
Essentially, Darley is a self-starter of extraordinary proportions.  She is an entrepreneur, a producer, a writer and public speaker dedicated to taking us places to explore remote areas of our world more deeply and with great curiosity and respect.  While a small and independent, her production company, DCN Creative, has won three Daytime Emmy Awards and has received eight nominations.  Darley has also been twice honored with North America Travel Journalism Award for Best Travel Broadcast and has received the Merit Award for the Best Travel Book.
Whether it is through Equitrekking, her first show; Travels with Darley, her second show; or through her book, Travel Like the Locals with Darley, Darley has given of herself to bring a perspective, an experience and an opportunity for us to learn and grow.  She has a contagious passion that is an inspiration to all Saints.

Distinguished Young Alum Award

In honor of St. Catherine's 125th Anniversary, the Distinguished Young Alumna Award was established by the Alumnae Association to recognize an alumna who is celebrating a 20th reunion or younger. The award is given to an alumna who has demonstrated distinction through her volunteer work or through her leadership, achievements and accomplishments in her career or community.

Darley C. Newman

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