What is X-Term?

X-Term is a student enrichment program, coordinated with St. Christopher’s, which takes experiential learning that was a hallmark of Minimester and expands those opportunities throughout the school year. Freshmen participate in a grade-level service learning course that engages them in the community and develops leadership and teamwork skills. Sophomores and juniors gather in learning cohorts to study a topic of interest with supervision from a faculty mentor. Seniors are encouraged to develop, plan and execute an independent project or internship with the support of a faculty mentor. 

The list of international trips for the current school year was sent to students and parents in June and is available for download here. Information about planned cohorts will be available in early October. Sign ups for cohorts take place after an October 30 virtual cohort fair. Students meet with X-Term groups from November to April. Two half days are dedicated to X-Term in January and February, and the full week of X-Term takes place the week prior to spring vacation. Specific dates for the current academic year are available for download here.  X-term is a required program graded on a pass/fail basis and appears on the school transcript.

A Sampling of Independent Project Locations: 
  • Evelynton Farms (Charles City)
  • CBS 6 Sports
  • University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (Maternal Fetal Medicine Unit)
  • Pediatric Neurosurgery VCU, GlaxoSmithKline (London)
  • E.S.H. Greene Elementary School
  • Robin Hood Foundation (NYC)
  • LPGA USGA Girl's Golf of Midlothian
  • Universal Music Group (Nashville)
  • Virginia Equine PLLC
  • University of Richmond, Director of Sports Medicine
  • Virginia Baptist Trust, Account Manager
  • Speech Pathology
Highlights of Learning Cohorts:
  • Grade 9 Capstone Project: "What is the Ethical Response to Poverty?"
  • Personal Finance and Investing
  • Research and Clinical Medicine
  • Virginia Wildlife, a study in Mixed Media and Sculpture
  • Leadership Development –from Steve Jobs to Doc Henley
  • Hip Hop and Gender
  • Community service at the following agencies: Sacred Heart Center, Boaz and Ruth, Feed More and Hulligan’s Rest
  • Six different international and domestic trips: Rome, Mexico, Haiti, France, New York and Ohio
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