Intensive Studies Program

The Intensive Studies Program (ISP) provides an outstanding opportunity for girls to combine coursework with real-life experiences and independent learning. While St. Catherine’s embeds all of these aspects in the Upper School curriculum, the Intensive Studies Program is intended to offer focused and enterprising students a path to explore their chosen field comprehensively. Each ISP, whether in Arts, Global Engagement, or STEM encourages girls to think about subjects that excite them by applying their knowledge in new ways to extracurricular and service projects. Students’ forays into these fields will culminate with a Capstone Project in which girls engage in research, project development, and share their work with the community. It is a journey well worth taking.

ISP Tracks

  • Intensive Studies Program in the Arts 
  • Global Engagement Intensive Studies Program
  • Intensive Studies Program in STEM 

ISP Criteria

COURSEWORK A foundation in rigorous coursework allows girls to think critically in designing their own projects and teaches them to think critically.
COMMUNITY Girls will engage in activities related to their track in order to share what they have learned and to understand real-world applications for their work. This may include involvement in relevant school organizations, community service, and X-Term programming.
CAPSTONE The Capstone Project showcases student work. Students will have an opportunity to work independently, receive support and feedback from faculty and outside mentors, and share their work with others.

ISP Eligibility

Students may apply for the program in their sophomore year. Girls enrolling in the program should be self-motivated as the program requires a high level of initiative and organizational skills. Initially, students’ advisors will assist them in tracking and reflecting on their work using an online portfolio. When students are ready to embark on their Capstone Projects, they will work with a faculty supervisor who will oversee the planning, execution, and evaluation of their work. Those girls who have completed one of the tracks will be recognized at graduation and have it noted on her transcript.  

More Information

Please contact Dean of Faculty Laura Farrell for additional information:

Current parents and students should visit the Intensive Studies section on Papers for Parents in SaintsNet for additional information criteria and application form.
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