Technology is a vital part of academics at St. Catherine's, and is as much a part of the teaching and learning process as books and lectures. Our faculty enthusiastically embraces this powerful tool in all its forms while never losing sight of the fact that it is excellence in teaching, rather than sophisticated technology, that stirs students' passion for learning and truly distinguishes an outstanding academic program.

Technology is infused into every corner of the curriculum: in all three divisions and in specials and electives as well as core subjects. Mindful of the fact that today's students are technology "natives" while many of their teachers have learned these skills later in life, St. Catherine's technology department continually finds ways to help the faculty use the resources available to them in appropriate and useful ways.

Laptop Program

All St. Catherine's students in grades 7-12 have a laptop. The laptops are not intended to replace any part of the curriculum, but rather are used in the areas they are most useful: research, organization, data management, collaboration and communication. As teachers are instructing students on how to use this tool to fulfill their course work, they are proactively educating them on digital responsibility and guiding them on research and how discern reliable information.

We are continuously focusing on the digital responsibility initiative to ensure that our community is safe online.  Through community and parent meetings and workshops, classes with faculty and students, and a strong online presence in the form of a Digital Responsibility page on our website, we are being as vigilant as we can to see that our community is working with, researching on, and using the Internet responsibly, ethically and wisely.
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