St. Catherine’s School is a proud member of Online School for Girls (OSG), the first independent online school and the first single-gender online school in the world, designed for the ways that girls learn best, according to research on girls and digital media. OSG was created in 2009 in response to girls’ schools wanting high quality, predictable online course offerings. As a charter affiliate school, St. Catherine’s joins more than 70 of the best nationally and internationally known schools to offer online courses to its students through OSG. The faculty of OSG are experts in their fields and a well-respected teacher at one of the member or affiliate schools.

The Principles of Online School for Girls
  • Emphasizing connections among participants;
  • Incorporating collaboration into the learning experience;
  • Inspiring and rewarding creativity
  • Engaging in real-world problems and applications while having students probe the social and ethical dynamics that define and stretch our global society
These principles align with St. Catherine’s School Mission to provide an academically rigorous curriculum to prepare students for success in college and beyond and “to prepare girls of diverse perspectives for leadership and service in a global community.” 

About Online Learning 
St. Catherine’s believes that a blended learning environment (a combination of face-to-face classroom experience and digital learning) can enhance student engagement in the subject matter and build important twenty-first century skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and global engagement. Blended learning experiences also prepare students for college and future success. According to a 2012 study of undergraduate students conducted by Educause Center for Applied Research, 74 percent of all undergraduate college students say they have taken at least one course that includes online components. Executive Director of OSG states that 31 percent of college students or 6.1 million students take an online course, and 3.1 million high school students take an online course. Currently five states require an online course to graduate from high school, including Virginia.

Faculty and students at St. Catherine’s use technology to enhance teaching and learning in a variety of ways at different grade levels and in different disciplines. In order to best prepare our students for college and for their professions, St. Catherine’s welcomes its affiliation with OSG as a method to offer our girls the best of online learning experiences to expand their opportunities and perspectives.

Starting in 2012, St. Catherine's adopted online learning opportunities as part of the Professional Development Program for faculty. Faculty engage in rich course offerings by OSG, including classes on single-gender learning, blended learning in the classroom and teaching online classes. 

When is online education appropriate
St. Catherine’s, in coordination with St. Christopher’s, offers its students in grades 9-12 a rigorous college preparatory curriculum with a robust selection of courses, noted for its depth and breadth of offerings, including 20 AP courses and many electives. Our curriculum provides all courses necessary to complete our graduation requirements. Our affiliation with OSG provides additional elective offerings for Upper School girls who wish to pursue a subject beyond the graduation requirements, which may not be offered at either school.

How is OSG different?

There are all types of approaches for online education. OSG online classes are unique in that they cater to the way girls learn best. OSG courses are not self-paced, competency-based courses. Unlike other online learning providers, OSG teachers create their own courses, class sizes remain small and relationships between teachers and students are at the core of the learning experience. While classes may be asynchronous, there is rich real-time collaboration between teacher and student and among students who manage collaborative projects at a distance.

For more information about OSG and a complete listing of Member Schools, visit their website:

How To Apply

Upper School students must have the approval of St. Catherine’s Director of Upper School and must complete the necessary forms before enrolling. Approved courses will be listed in the Course Description Guide each year. For more information, contact Lara Wulff.

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Current offerings

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Online School for Girls
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