Junior Kindergarten | Age 4+

The formative years are critical for a child’s growth and development, and every girl can benefit from an early start at St. Catherine’s. Our Junior Kindergarten program is truly unique as it is fully embraced by the vast resources of master teachers, talented students, extensive facilities and countless opportunities made possible by our girl-centered age 3-grade 12 program. For decades, girls have flourished in our Reggio Emilia inspired program. The recent expansion allows more girls in the Richmond region to enroll in JK at St. Catherine's.

JK Grand Opening

What makes St. Catherine’s JK unique?

Flexibility and Customization We have the flexibility to meet the needs of each child and each class. We hold to the basic principles of Reggio Emilia, we customize the learning and hands-on projects to the interests and curiosities of the individual class. The junior kindergarten experience will look different from year to year, based on the specific class of girls that year.

St. Catherine’s Outdoor Classroom  There is an international movement towards more natural play spaces, and our outdoor classroom is an extension of the indoor classroom. It is reflective of the city in which we live with rocks, sand and water to represent the river, the hill to represent the seven hills, and the forest to represent the river parks.

Our Expertise Our JK teachers have enhanced the Reggio Emilia philosophy based on our School and our students.
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Experts in the way girls learn best, St. Catherine’s offers a rigorous liberal arts education, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish (JK- grade 12), JK- grade 12 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and 23 AP classes and 33 honors classes. Call us today for a tour 804-288-2804.