School Leadership

Head of School

Dr. Terrie Hale Scheckelhoff is passionate about the education of girls and young women. The 11th Head of School at St. Catherine's, she has dedicated more than 30 years of her career, including extensive research and first-hand experience, to this endeavor.

A sought-after conference presenter and panelist, Dr. Scheckelhoff has presented at more than 20 different national, regional and state conferences over the past decade. She has published notable works on relevant topics such as women in leadership, girls and technology and independent school finances. Dr. Scheckelhoff has a long history of active involvement in organizations that advocate for girls and young women, including working with the National Coalition of Girls' Schools, the Online School for Girls and unique partnerships with colleges, universities and government agencies. She was awarded the Executive Women in Business 2016 Achievement Award by Style Weekly.


  • Ph.D., Education Studies: Educational Leadership and Higher Education, University of Nebraska
  • M.B.A., Ohio State University
  • M.A., Education Administration, Ohio State University
  • B.S., Elementary Education, Miami University

List of 4 members.

  • Sue Baldwin 

    Assistant Head of School and Chair of Diversity and Inclusion
    804-288-2804 x3038
  • Dr. Lara Wulff 

    Director of Upper School
  • Tonya Walker 

    Interim Director of Middle School
  • Dr. Annie Kapetanis 

    Director of Lower School
    804-288-2804 x3064

List of 4 items.

  • Core Executive Team

    Working alongside the Head of School is a passionate group of educators from all divisions and talented professionals representing each of the business groups to form the Core Executive Team. This top leadership team meets regularly to proactively develop operational plans, to drive innovation and to ensure that the faculty and students have what they need to learn and grow.

    Head of School
    Dr. Terrie Scheckelhoff

    Assistant Head of School and Chair of Diversity and Inclusion
    Sue Baldwin

    Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer
    Peter Pastore

    Director of Lower School
    Dr. Annie Kapetanis

    Interim Director of Middle School
    Tonya Walker

    Director of Upper School
    Dr. Lara Wulff 

    School Chaplain
    The Rev. Dr. Dorothy White

    Dean of Faculty; Teacher, Upper School History
    Laura Farrell 

    Arts Coordinator, Chair of Theatre and Dance
    Kendall Neely 

    Director of Athletics
    Julie Dayton 

    Director of Admissions
    Jennifer Cullinan

    Director of Development
    Deborah Andrews Dunlap '70

    Director of Marketing and Communications
    Theodora Miller 

    Director of Technology
    Doran McBride 

    Director of Innovative Learning
    Jennifer Vermillion 

    Director of Security
    Scott Meyerhoffer

    Assistant to the Head of School
    Betsy Ernsberger

    Project Manager for the Head of School
    Anna Hatfield

  • Board of Governors

    Dr. Anne Howell McElroy '78, Chair
    Herbert A. Claiborne III, Vice Chair
    Jane Hall Armfield '70
    Dr. Taruna K. Aurora
    Sharon Blount
    Macon Clarkson
    Renee B. Fain
    Maura Maguire Gaenzle '82
    Allen Goolsby, III
    Frederica P. Gray
    Helen Hamilton Horsley '83
    Wayne L. Hunter
    Cal Jennison
    Elizabeth G. Johnson
    Anne Kenny-Urban '83
    A. Brent King
    Lisa P. Luck
    Suzanne Wishnack Morris '89
    Jose Luis Murillo, Jr.
    John R. Nester II
    Donnan Thompson O’Keefe '89
    Dr. Julia "Julie" Konerding Padgett '90
    Frank H. Reichel III
    Sonali Shetty
    Andrew G. Spitzer
    Michael J. Thorne-Begland
    Margaret Wade

    Governors Emeriti
    Anne Whitfield Kenny '51
    Theodore W. Price
    Wesley Wright, Jr.

    St. Catherine’s School Foundation President
    Brian Carney
    Parents’ Association President
    Mary Bacon

    Alumnae Association President
    Mary Watson Hayes '79

    President of Church Schools in the Diocese of Virginia
    David H. Charlton, Ed.D.
    Head of St. Catherine’s School
    Terrie Hale Scheckelhoff, Ph.D.

  • National Alumnae Board

    Mission Statement
    The purpose of the Ellett-St. Catherine's Alumnae Association Board shall be to maintain and advance the interests of the Virginia Randolph Ellett School and its successor, St. Catherine's School, to strengthen relations between St. Catherine's and the alumnae, and promote the spirit of service and fellowship among members through various volunteer activities and committee work.

    Marshall Trow Lynch ’89 
    Vice President/President-Elect
    Katherine Dameron McCormick '75, New York, N.Y.

    Amy Bice de Venoge '87, Richmond, Va.
    Elizabeth Peters Aldridge '87, Durham, N.C.
    Ronda Lawrence Bernstein '87, Washington, D.C.
    Corbin Cowart Bettencourt '67, Charleston, S.C.
    Naomi Weinberg Berk '91, Boston, Mass.
    Julie Betts '94, San Francisco, Calif.
    Margaret Morrison Bradley '97, Charlotte, N.C.
    Spencer Bowles Broadbent '82, Richmond, Va.
    Tyler Hetzer Burr '05, Richmond, Va.
    Nancy Broadbent Casserley '73, Greenwich, Conn.
    Lanier Coles ’92, San Francisco, CA  
    Liz Gianakos '79, Cambridge, Mass.
    Louise Hayman '66, Annapolis, Md.
    Elizabeth Irwin ’00, New York, NY
    Tiffany Jones '06, New York, N.Y.
    Beth Beardall Long ’67, Sedalia, CO
    Fran Fields Nugent '75, Wilmington, N.C.
    Wallis Wickham Raemer '66, Brookline, Mass.
    Tatem Webb Read '97, Mill Valley, Calif.
    Amie Rennolds '75, New York, N.Y.
    Anne Redford Schleusner ’89 (2021) , Charlotte, NC      
    Natalie Bocock Turnage '79, Denver, Colo.
    Ex Officio
    Past President: Mary Watson Hayes '79, Ho Ho Kus, N.J. 
    Annual Fund Chair:
     Spencer Bowles Broadbent '82
    President, Richmond Chapter: Rendall Harris '96, Richmond, Va.

  • Richmond Alumnae Board

    Richmond Board of the Ellett-St. Catherine's Alumnae Association
    The purpose of the Richmond Chapter is to promote interest in and understanding of St. Catherine's School and its educational value to the community through active alumnae participation, to strengthen relations between the school and the alumnae, to promote a spirit of service and fellowship among members, and to render assistance, as needed and as our resources allow, to the Alumnae and Development Office and other offices of the School. The Richmond Chapter is an active and vital volunteer organization in terms of fundraising and other volunteer efforts.

    Rendall Harris '96

    Vice President/President-Elect
    Ibbie Hedrick Britton '00

    Britt Childs Staley '01 

    Molly Trice '99
    Hunter Blair '08
    Katie Carleton ’07
    Anne Garland '09
    Lang Robertson Liebman '98
    Berkeley Blanchard Martin ’01
    Lizzie Harris Oglesby '99
    Katie Burnett Peple '99 
    Van Scherer Ruffner '95
    Kira Siddall '98
    Tovia Martirosian Smith '98
    Liz Pratt Stephens '04
    Elizabeth Clinard Voulgarakis ’00
    Sara Chapman Waechter '97
    Catie Blair Wilton ’00
    Megan Gross White '00
    Past President
    Carrie Featherstone Hoge '93
    Sustainer (10+ years of service)
    Lindsay Bowen Adamson '93
    Beth Irby Beale '76
    Liz Williams Bisset '78
    Amy Bice de Venoge '87
    Christy Amrhein Feiler '88
    Kathleen Will Mackey '78
    Karrie Burnham Southall '94

Strategic Plan

The Four Pillars

For more than 125 years, St. Catherine’s has prepared girls for a lifetime of learning, leadership and service. As we look to the future, we know that we must continue to act. With this in mind, every facet of our community contributed to a powerful School vision known as “Unwavering Purpose: The Strategic Plan for St. Catherine’s School.” Many initiatives have launched and our efforts continue in this important work. 

Guided by our Episcopal identity, our strategic priorities are:
  • Girl -Centered
  • Remarkable Intellect
  • Life of Meaning
  • Tradition of Strength

Unwavering Purpose: The Strategic Plan for St. Catherine’s School