Parents' Association

The purpose of the Parents’ Association (PA) is to promote a sense of close community, cooperation and communication among the administration, faculty, staff, parents (or guardians) and students at St. Catherine’s School. The PA provides volunteer support for student activities, fundraising projects, and the welcoming of new families. It offers parent education programs and opportunities for social interaction, some of which are coordinated with the St. Christopher’s community.


The membership of the PA consists of all parents or guardians of the students enrolled at St. Catherine’s, the head of the school and appointed representatives. There are no dues or membership fees. The PA Board consists of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, two representatives from each school division, and chairs and specified members of standing committees. It meets several times a year and parents are invited to attend. Board members are nominated by the nominating committee and elected by the Board at large each spring. The president of the PA serves on the St. Catherine’s Board of Governors.

St. Catherine’s Officers and Chairs

Position Name (for contact info please click on the "Password Protected pages" link at the right. Sign-in to SaintsNet required)
President Mary Bacon
Vice President Tammy DeRosier
Secretary Frances Herrington ’83
Asst Secretary Charmaine Trice
Treasurer Charlotte Woodfin ’87
Asst Treasurer Maria Galbraith
US Division Chair Mollie Reinhart
Asst. US Division Chair Kristin Palumbo
MS Division Chair Deb Mancini
Asst. MS Division Chair Louanna Goolsby
LS Division Chair Kerry DeLacey
Asst. LS Division Chair Emily Tafel
Parent Enrichment Chair Muriel Pitney
Asst. Parent Enrichment Chair TBD
Saints Support Amy de Venoge ’87
Arts Chair Susan Yoo
Volunteer Database Leland Klim
Asst. Volunteer Database Cyndi Finley
Calendar Coordinator Karyn Iuorno
Asst. Calendar Coordinator Anna Hatfield
Communications Chair Kathleen Sams
Asst. Communications Chair Laura O’Brien ’84
Directory Chairs: Mary Michael
  Merissa Mulé
Daisy Days Chairs: Chrissy Green
  Brooke Wojdyla
Staff Liaison Michelle Siewers
Past President Cindy Nolan
St. Christopher's PA President Lucy Damgard ’85
St. Christopher's PA Vice Pres. Alice Schroeder
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