About the Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is charged with the governance of St. Catherine’s School: defining its mission, determining its strategic direction, securing and protecting its financial resources and overseeing the Head of School, who manages the administration and operations of the institution. 

2016-2017 Board of Governors

Dr. Anne Howell McElroy '78, Chair
Herbert "Hobie" A. Claiborne III, Vice Chair
Jane Hall Armfield ‘70
Dr. Taruna K. Aurora
Sharon Blount
Renee B. Fain
Maura Maguire Gaenzle ‘82
Frederica "Freddie" P. Gray
Melissa "Missy" M. Gullquist
George A. Harrison
Helen Hamilton Horsley '83
Wayne L. Hunter
Cal Jennison
Elizabeth G. Johnson
Allen Brent King
Lisa P Luck
Georgina "Gigi" Rawles Miller ’75
Suzanne Wishnack Morris '89
Jose Luis Murillo, Jr.
John R. Nester II
Donnan Thompson O’Keefe ’89
Dr. Julia "Julie" Konerding Padgett '90
Frank H. Reichel III
Andrew "Drew" G. Spitzer
Michael J. Thorne-Begland

Board of Governors Ex-Officio

Governors Emeriti
Anne Whitfield Kenny, ’51
Theodore "Ted" W. Price
Wesley Wright, Jr.

St. Catherine’s School Foundation President
Macon Hubard Clarkson '96
Parents’ Association President
Cynthia "Cindy" B. Nolan
Alumnae Association President
Mary Watson Hayes '79
President of Church Schools in the Diocese of Virginia
David H. Charlton, Ed.D.
Head of St. Catherine’s School
Terrie Hale Scheckelhoff, Ph.D.
6001 Grove Avenue | Richmond, Virginia 23226 | (p) 804.288.2804 |  (f) 804.285.8169
Experts in the way girls learn best, St. Catherine’s offers a rigorous liberal arts education, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish (JK- grade 12), JK- grade 12 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and 23 AP classes and 33 honors classes. Call us today for a tour 804-288-2804.