Honoring Saint Catherine

     It is the daisy — the simple yet beautiful flower — that has been a unifying metaphor for Eliza Wilson.
     The School flower signifies growth, tradition and community to the St. Catherine’s senior. Wilson shared this sentiment with students, faculty, staff, alumnae, family and friends during the annual St. Catherine’s Day service at St. Stephen’s Church. Wilson was voted by her peers and teachers as the St. Catherine’s Day honoree for the Class of 2019.
     A time-honored tradition, St. Catherine’s Day celebrates the senior who, by the vote of her classmates and faculty best represents scholarship, determination, courage, hope and faith, the ideals of Catherine of Alexandria.
     “Daisies also do not grow alone” Wilson said. “They grow in clumps surrounded by each other while actively supporting one another.”
     This sense of community is of the utmost importance to Wilson and her family. She shared just how important that support has been to her entire family. Wilson’s mother, Lizzie, is one of the Early Learners teachers.
     “It is not everywhere that you find this many kind and thoughtful people,” Wilson said. “And that is one of the most valuable and special gifts the St. Catherine’s community has given to us. The gift of friendship is so powerful and the friendships we make here will continue far after we walk down the Green.”
     St. Catherine’s Day is a tradition that has changed throughout the decades, but dates back to 1924. The revealing of the St. Catherine’s Day honoree is kept secret until the service. The service is also a special time to remember alumnae, faculty and staff who have died over the past year.


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