Saints Help Out



The Daisy Days Committee and the Parents’ Association would like to encourage our Saints families to look outward and help those in need in the greater Richmond community in place of the normal volunteer shift many of our parents, faculty, middle, and upper school students would have signed up to serve over Daisy Days weekend. 

One of the hallmarks of our Saints community is serving others. Passion, volunteerism, and gratitude are central to who we are as students, faculty, parents, and alumnae. Together, we are shining examples of the School’s core value to Build Community. We strive to lead in serving others and healing the world around us. Each of us is shaped by our School motto:  "What we keep we lose; only what we give remains our own."

The Daisy Days Committee has compiled a list of ways you can help from local news and community support sites. This list is by no means comprehensive. There are so many who need help right now and there are many different ways you can support our Community. We invite you to engage your family and consider ways to help. No gesture is too small during challenging times like this. Doing things for others is sometimes the best medicine for ourselves!

  • American Red Cross Blood Services is in critical need of life saving blood and platelet donations.
  • FeedMore, Central Virgiana’s Food Bank, collects, prepares and distributes food to neighborhoods in need across 34 counties and cities. Volunteers are needed to help with packing and preparing meals.
  • Richmond-area ICU nurses are asking for donations of baby monitors people are no longer using to help them communicate with their COVID-19 patients in ICU. They can be video or voice. This is a grass-roots effort and monitors can be dropped off 1304 Camden Drive Richmond, VA 23229.  They will be collected and distributed to local ICUs from there. The organizer is ICU nurse Becca Babbitt.
  • Salvation Army is helping with disaster relief.
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of America is helping feed kids and providing academic support via virtual classes and activities. 
  • The CDC Foundation supports the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Blessing Warriors RVA provides support for the homeless in Richmond. Donations are used to purchase food items. 
  • Senior Connection helps older adults maintain quality of life and independence. Volunteer opportunities include phone calls to check on older individuals and help with assembling packages. Gift cards are also helpful so families can purchase necessities for their older family members.
  • Restaurant Workers' Community Foundation is using donations to create a relief fund for workers facing economic hardships or health crises result from COVID-19 and providing zero-interest loans to help restaurants get back up and running. 
  • Local Churches are sponsoring food drives to help the underserved in their outreach areas. Many have sign-ups to deliver groceries and meals to the elderly and disabled. Churches are also having letter drives asking families to write letters of support to seniors now cut off from contact with the outside community because of COVID-19. Check out how you can support your church or a church near you in assisting our Richmond community.
  • Direct Relief is providing protective masks, gloves, and gowns to health care providers who are fighting COVID-19 cases.
  • First Book provides educational material to kids in need who cannot access the Internet while schools and libraries are closed.
  • Hand Wash Wishes Campaign started by St. Catherine's alumna, Julia Warren, is seeking donations for a new birthday bag delivery program that delivers birthday bags to the underserved during this challenging time. 
  • Arts For Hearts was started by two middle school Saints, Emma Herzog and Sophie Christianson. Inspired from volunteering at the Peter Paul Development Center, these Saints started this charity to raise money to provide arts supplies to impoverished Richmond-area during this difficult time.
  • The Autism Scoiety of Central Virginia COVID-19 Relief Fund was started as a scholarship to help individuals with autism and their families who are in need of immediate support as a result of financial hardship, job insecurity, and disruption of community resources and services related to COVID-19.


The Parents’ Association wants to highlight ways our Saints’ families are helping those in our Community who need assistance during this time. Please email to let us know what you are doing. We will post as many responses as we can (anonymously). Let others benefit from your positive energy and inspiration!

Here is what we have heard:

  • I asked people to donate to FeedMore in lieu of birthday gifts 
  • My husband and I signed up to deliver a meal to elderly church members
  • I volunteered for Richmond Public Schools food distribution
  • Our family wrote notes to friends who are struggling right now
  • We dropped off Girl Scout cookies at the Starbucks drive-thru to say thanks to the employees for being there and keeping it open
  • I am providing emotional support to friends who are working in health care industry on the front lines 
  • We delivered groceries to older family members
  • I ordered homemade cloth face asks and dropped them to local ICU nurses in need of more masks 
  • Inspired through their volunteer work at the Peter Paul Development Center, two middle school Saints started a non-profit called Arts for Hearts to provide art supplies for impoverished local youth during COVID-19