Distance Learning

St. Catherine's Academic Leadership Team developed a Distance Learning Program to enable teaching and learning to continue throughout the Spring Semester 2020 during the initial outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The program was developed using best practices that are in alignment with the age and developmental level of our girls. Our girl-centered approach incorporated input from our faculty, as well as best practices for online learning from educators and schools across the globe. Our primary goal is to provide our girls with continuity in teaching and learning with a calm, consistent and engaging experience from home. Throughout the summer, the Distance Learning Program is being enhanced in case this back-up scenario needs to be used in the future. At this time, St. Catherine's School intends to return to campus for in-person teaching and learning in August 2020. 

Ways We Are Staying Connected

Synchronous Classes

Real-time learning occurs among a group of students and their teacher using virtual tools.

Asynchronous Learning

Guided by our expert teachers and the School’s curriculum, students work at an individual pace.

Advisory Group Meetings

Girls in grades 5-12 regularly meet with their advisor and peers.

One-on-one Support

Teachers, advisors, counselors and nurses are available to students and parents. 

Frequent Communication

We are communicating with transparency through multiple channels such as COVID-19 updates, e-newsletters, emails, virtual meetings, blogs and more. 

Virtual Chapels & Meditations

Offered several times a week, we are committed to nurturing the whole girl  in age-appropriate ways.

Distance Learning Plan Spring 2020

Sample Distance Learning Schedules

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  • Lower School: Age 3 - Grade 4

    In the Lower School, girls are participating in synchronous and asynchronous classes on a daily basis. Schedule modifications have been made to focus on core academics in language arts, math, science, social studies and world languages, as well as incorporating lessons for "specials" such as art, music, dance, religion, library and technology. The sample schedules linked below are high level to assist families with the launch to Distance Learning that took place on March 19, 2020. Each grade level has additional daily schedule details that map the daily synchronous vs. asynchronous approaches. For questions, please contact Dr. Annie Kapetanis, Director of Lower School, or Gina Friend, Assistant Director of Lower School. 

    Sample Schedule - Early Learners Age 3-JK

    Sample Schedule - K through Grade 4

    For overall questions about St. Catherine's Distance Learning Program, please contact Jennifer Vermillion, Director of Innovative Teaching and Learning, or Dr. Pontus Hiort, Academic Leadership Chair.

  • Middle School: Grades 5-8

    In the Middle School grades 5-8, students are participating in synchronous and asynchronous classes. The initial launch began in mid-March with a focus on core academics, followed by the additions of electives and performing arts during the week of March 30. For additional details about the Middle School Distance Learning experience, please contact Tonya Walker, Director of Middle School. 

    Sample Schedule for Middle School

    For overall questions about St. Catherine's Distance Learning Program, please contact Jennifer Vermillion, Director of Innovative Teaching and Learning, or Dr. Pontus Hiort, Academic Leadership Chair.
  • Upper School: Grades 9-12

    The sample schedule below was launched on March 19. In early April the Upper School schedule was modified to provide ample time for advisory, class meetings, clubs, and time for synchronous assessments. To learn more about our detailed distance learning scheduled for grades 9-12, please contact Dr.  Lara Wulff, Director of Upper School.

    Sample Schedule for Upper School

    For overall questions about St. Catherine's Distance Learning Program, please contact Jennifer Vermillion, Director of Innovative Teaching and Learning, or Dr. Pontus Hiort, Academic Leadership Chair.

Tips to Support Your Daughters

Tips to Support Your Daughters

Organize a dedicated learning space at home with all of the materials your daughter needs to work efficiently. This should be a common but quiet space with internet access where your daughter can be supervised.

If your daughter will be using her webcam for synchronous classes or video recordings, help her assess her surroundings. All video conferencing and recording should be done in a common space. The screen should face a neutral background.

Help your daughter develop a daily schedule — help remind your child to take regular breaks from work and from digital devices. Each division has prepared schedules, which we encourage you to review together. 

Help your daughter keep a regular bedtime and remember to engage in physical activity as often as possible.

Check-in with your daughter regularly — make sure she is staying hydrated and feels supported. 

Need Help?

If you have a question about a learning activity or course assignment, please contact your classroom teacher

If you have a question about a technology issue or supportcontact St. Catherine’s Support Team.

If you have a question about a student learning issue, contact your daughter's divisional counselors and divisional director.

Share your feedback with us

Distance Learning is an iterative process, and we are committed to making refinements and modifications to help our girls have the best possible educational experience. Send us your questions, suggestions and feedback at distancelearning@st.catherines.org.

Key School Contacts


Elizabeth Blanton, BSN, RN, NCSN
Lower School Nurse

Rachen Sterling
Lower School Counselor
Gina Friend
Assistant Director of Lower School

Annie Kapetanis, Ed.D.
Director of Lower School


Stacia Schoeffler, RN
Middle School/Upper School Nurse

Linda Stoller
Middle School Counselor for Grades 5-6
Laura Gorsuch
Middle School Counselor for grades 7-8
Jenn McIntosh
Assistant Director of Middle School

Tonya Walker
Director of Middle School


Stacia Schoeffler, RN
Middle School/Upper School Nurse

Karen Brokenbrough, Ph.D.
Upper School Counselor
Diane Vaccarino
Upper School Learning Specialist
Frazier Aronhalt
Dean of Students
Frances Doyle
Assistant Director of Upper School

Lara Wulff, Ph.D.
Director of Upper School


Doran McBride

Director of Technology

St. Catherine's Support team
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Jennifer Vermillion

Director of Innovative Teaching and Learning

Pontus Hiort, Ph.D.
Academic Leadership Chair and Upper School History Teacher

Email for classroom teachers
Email addresses for faculty and staff are typically first initial last name @st.catherines.org (for example jdoe@st.catherines.org).

Chaplain's Corner

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