Upper School Teacher Accepted for Genome Engineering Professional Development

     Upper School Science teacher Mary Meg Mayer was accepted to a two-year professional development program (one week per year) for high school science teachers focused on the "Science and Ethics of Genome Editing."
    The first year's workshop will be hosted at the Milwaukee School of Engineering's Center for Biomolecular Modeling under the direction of Dr. Tim Herman and Dr. Diane Munzenmaier. This phase of the workshop will focus on basic concepts of Mendelian genetics and how this field of study has evolved into the field of molecular genetics.
   The second year's workshop will be hosted at either UC Berkeley or MIT, and will offer the opportunity to interact with researchers actively involved in the development of this new gene editing technology, CRISPR-cas9.
     Both phases of the workshop are funded by an NIH-SEPA grant to cover transportation, housing and instructional materials for Mayer to bring back to her classroom.

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