Intensive Studies Program

Intensive Studies Scholars 2019-2020
The following seniors completed the Intensive Studies Program (ISP) by conducting personalized coursework, research and service learning in the arts, entrepreneurship, global studies or STEM. Their efforts culminated with a capstone project featured as videos below. Each ISP scholar will receive a special designation on her diploma.
Lily Ernsberger, Arts: Visual Art, "Visual Effect"
Phoebe Farmer, Arts: Music, "A Semester of Music Education and Self-Discovery" 
Claire Herrington, STEM: Technology, "From Sidelined to CEO in Two Years"
Lily Kassab, Arts: Visual Art, "Landscapes and Thoughtful Learning"
Alejandra Pava, Arts: Visual Art, "Aspects of Being Latina"
Cailin Petrus, Arts: Visual Art, "The Women of Middle Earth"
Diana Revilla, Global Engagement, "The Value of High School Journalism"
Blair Workman, STEM: Technology, "Biotechnology and 3D Printing"
Lily Ernsberger, Lily Kassab and Alejandra Pava were awarded ISP Dream Grants to support their independent studies. 

Video Presentations

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