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Daisy Days

Friday, April 28-Saturday, April 29

Daisy Days is St. Catherine’s annual spring carnival joining St. Catherine’s students, alumnae, Richmond area parents and their children for two days of entertainment and activities. Sponsored by our Parents’ Association, Daisy Days kicks off on Friday, April 28, 2017, at 11 a.m. Vendor Shops in the Kenny Center and the Garden Tent on the Green are open to the public. The Vendor Shops include over 70 vendors from all over the East Coast and MidWest who sell a variety of unique products and services. Saturday, April 29, 2017, the carnival begins at 10 a.m. on our St. Catherine’s Green! It’s attractions include children’s rides, games, inflatables, dance performances, and food. Grades K-5 choreograph and dance both individual and class pieces for the ever-popular “Puttin’ on the Hits” show. Our fourth graders continue a great St. Catherine’s tradition by performing the annual Maypole dance on the Green. The Vendor Shops and the Garden Tent are open a second day during the Saturday carnival.
Daisy Days began in the mid 1970’s, initially offering a few vendors for shopping and a small number of entertainment activities for students. Over the years, it has grown substantially into one of the Parents’ Association’s largest fundraising events, attracting close to 3,000 attendees. The money raised from Daisy Days is used to fund special school projects. In previous years, the proceeds have helped underwrite much needed facility improvements like the installation of air-conditioning in many of the older campus facilities and brick work across the campus.
Daisy Days is more than a fundraising carnival. It is a much-anticipated tradition that joins our St. Catherine’s community in stewardship and volunteerism to support our school. The spirit of the effort from our volunteers, faculty, and community to support this school-bonding event is captured by St. Catherine’s time-honored motto: “What we keep we lose and only what we give remains our own.” We are striving to strengthen our school’s sense of community while providing a day of fun for children to enjoy with their parents, friends, and teachers.

Daisy Days 2016 Committee

Daisy Days is St. Catherine's School annual spring time carnival. It brings thousands of school families and community friends together every April. This event would not be the wonderful community-builder and fundraiser that it is without the many hours of volunteer service provided by the Daisy Days Committee throughout the school year. A heartfelt thanks goes out to this year's Daisy Days Committee!*

*NEW!: Please CLICK on the committee names below to see a description of the volunteer position and its responsibilities. All Daisy Days Volunteers are asked to make a two year commitment.

St. Catherine's Staff Liaison: Michelle Siewers 804.288.2804, ext. 3428

 Dabney Morris, Chrystal Telfian
St. Catherine's Liaison:
Michelle Siewers
Cake Walk:
Leland Klim, Molly Parker
Catherine's Closet:
Cheryl Coleman, Angela Morrell, Martha Stwodah
Catherine's Confections:
Stacey Ellis, Karyn Luorno, Melissa Zemmel
Chalkboard Art:
Amelia Atwill, Elizabeth Edmunds, Jennifer Smith, Anya Townsend
Corporate Sponsors:
Esther Choi, Elizabeth Peay, Rachel Saunders, Renee Tierney
Daisy's Bookshelf:
Adrienne Brousseau, Paula Dukes, Katarina Wegar
Lindsay Adamson, Cyndi Finley, Jhansi Mead, Dana Kuhlen
Fun Run:
Miles Hoge, Tina Sherrod
Fabi Carter, Laura Ford, Elizabeth Garnett, Anne Manetas, Emily Tafel
Garden Shop:
Sheila Macfarlane, Charmaine Trice
Holiday Sales:
Keith Dillard, Elizabeth Edmunds, Sarah Price, Brooke Schubmehl, Brooke Wick
Honor Bricks:
Honor Daisies:
Cristy Haggerty, Holly Kinard, Caroline McDowell, Anne Schlussler
Inflatable Rides:
Dabney Morris, Chrystal Telfian
Jenny Lucas, Sara Reed, Crandall Thompson
Petting Zoo:
Mandy Jernigan, Tommy Taylor
Chrissy Petrus
Michelle Siewers
Puttin' On The Hits (POTH):
Merissa Mulé
Raffle - Daisy:
Julia Burke, Chrissy Green, Melisa Hudson, Janet McCatty, Courtney Harper, Anne Schlussler, Beth Sprenkle
Raffle - Tuition:
Cary Williams
Cari Shannon, Ann Shield, Brooke Wojdyla
Anna Hatfield
Tea Towels/Stationery:
LeJeanna Raymond, TBC
Caroline Connell, Sue Corral-Johnson, Courtney Henry, Greta Kidd, Courtenay Palmer
Libby Dishner, Abigail Whorley

Preliminary Day-of Events Scheduling

Friday, April 28 — 11 a.m.-5 p.m.         
  • Catherine’s Closet
  • Daisy’s Bookshelf
  • Daisy Days Shops open in Kenny Center 
  • Garden Shop open on Green
Saturday, April 29 — 9-9:30 a.m.      
Daisy Dash Fun Run at St. Christopher’s Track
10:a.m.-3 p.m.
  • Games and Inflatables
  • Puttin' On the Hits
  • Maypole Dance
  • Daisy Days Shops in Kenny Center
  • Garden Shop open on Green
  • Food
  • Daisy Raffle
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